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School of economics and management, Northeast Petroleum University
  • Location:Heilongjiang
  • Date of establishment:two thousand and ten
  • Take the joint examination:yes
  • Early interview:no
  • Accept transfer:yes
  • Enrollment:fifty
  • Fractional line category:Line a  
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Sun Yanbin Professor and doctoral supervisor

The former party secretary of Northeast Petroleum University has long been committed to the research in the fields of petroleum technology and economy, petroleum enterprise management, oil and gas reservoir operation and management, and has formed a relatively stable research direction in petroleum technology, economy and management.

Shao Qiang Professor and master Supervisor

Dean of School of economics and management, director of MBA Education Center, and deputy leader of macro strategy and finance group of Daqing expert committee, vice president of Heilongjiang society of quantity and technology economics, director of Heilongjiang society of management, vice president of Heilongjiang county economy society, executive vice president of Daqing management society and senior member of China Society of technology and economics.

Jun Ping Zhao Professor and master Supervisor

He is currently the Secretary of the Party committee of the school of economics and management, the Secretary General of Daqing management society, the director of China Marketing Society and the director of Heilongjiang county economic society.

Gong Yanfen Professor and master Supervisor

He is now the vice president of the school of economics and management. It mainly undertakes the teaching of technical economics, enterprise strategic management, engineering economics and other courses, and has long been engaged in the research work of project evaluation, oil and gas resource evaluation, strategic management and so on.

Xiao Yanling Professor, doctor

Northeast Petroleum University is the leader of key professional disciplines of business administration Province, the discipline leader of Daqing management society, and has won the excellent teacher and characteristic teacher of Northeast Petroleum University. In recent years, he has mainly engaged in theoretical and applied research in the fields of system analysis and evaluation, scientific and technological innovation services, logistics management, regional integrity and so on.

Li Shaoping Professor and master Supervisor

It has long been committed to the research in the fields of tax system reform, regional economy, sustainable development and tax planning, formed a relatively stable research module in the fields of regional economic tax, sustainable development tax and real estate tax, completed a series of original research results and had a certain impact in the academic community.

Peng min

He has long been engaged in research in the fields of financial policy, securities investment, foreign exchange risk management of multinational corporations, oil finance, oil and gas project financing, and has formed a relatively stable research direction in oil finance.

Wang Cheng Professor and master Supervisor

He has been engaged in the teaching, scientific research and judicial practice of economic law and labor law for a long time, focusing on undergraduate courses such as economic law, Zhuhui economic law, labor contract law and contract legal practice, and master courses such as project management laws and regulations. The teaching effect is excellent.

College introduction

Northeast Petroleum University is a national key university, which was born with the discovery of Daqing Oilfield, focusing on engineering and coordinated development of engineering, science, management, literature, economics, law and pedagogy. The university has 53 undergraduate majors, 8 national characteristic specialty construction sites, 14 provincial-level key majors, 1 national first-level key discipline, 3 national second-level key disciplines and 14 provincial-level key disciplines; 4 post doctoral research mobile stations, 1 post doctoral research workstation, 3 first-class disciplines authorized by doctoral degree, 16 first-class disciplines authorized by master's degree, 19 doctoral degree points and 87 master's degree points. At the same time, there is a National University Science Park.

Address:No. 199, Fazhan Road, high tech Development Zone, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province

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