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School of management, Wuhan University of science and technology

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College introduction

Wuhan University of science and technology is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province, the "thoroughfare of nine provinces". It is a key university in Hubei Province jointly built by the central and local governments. The school's history can be traced back to the craft school established in 1898 when Hu Guang governor Zhang Zhidong asked the Qing government for approval. After the inheritance and development of Hubei secondary industry school, Hubei first-class industry school, Hanyang senior industry vocational school, Wuchang senior industry school, Zhongnan iron and steel industry school and Wuchang iron and steel industry school, Wuhan Iron and Steel Institute was established in 1958, Offer undergraduate education. In 1995, Wuhan Iron and Steel University, Wuhan Architecture College and Wuhan Metallurgical Medical College, which were subordinate to the former Ministry of metallurgy, were merged into Wuhan University of Metallurgical Science and technology.

Address:947 Heping Avenue, Qingshan, Wuhan

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