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School of business administration, Changchun University of Technology
  • Location:Jilin
  • Date of establishment:two thousand and ten
  • Take the joint examination:yes
  • Early interview:no
  • Accept transfer:yes
  • Enrollment:sixty
  • Fractional line category:Line a  
  • Official microblog:
  • College website:

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Open project
Scholarships and student loans
  1. Scholarship evaluation scope:All MBA students who apply for the MBA of Changchun University of technology and are admitted without the recommendation of others, or who apply for and successfully transfer to the university without the recommendation of others.
  2. Scholarship level:The first-class scholarship is 5000 yuan, the second-class scholarship is 3000 yuan, and the third-class scholarship is 2000 yuan. Each student can apply for one first-class scholarship and two second-class and third-class scholarships during his degree study.
  3. scholarship assessment:According to the evaluation index system, the comprehensive evaluation of the last MBA students will be carried out in October every year, and the students will apply voluntarily, review the qualification of the MBA Education Center, and vote by the evaluation committee.
  4. Scholarships:For those who meet the standards, 15% of the first-class scholarship, 20% of the second-class scholarship and 30% of the third-class scholarship shall be granted.

College introduction

The school of Business Administration of Changchun University of technology was founded in 1962, formerly known as the Department of management engineering of Jilin Institute of technology. It is one of the 17 universities with management majors in China before the reform and opening up. At present, the college has 8 professional teaching and research offices, including business administration, international economy and trade, information management, accounting, marketing, e-commerce, finance and financial management; There are five school level research institutes, including e-commerce research institute, Regional Economic Research Institute, SME Development Environment Research Institute, private equity investment fund research institute and Jilin Industrial Development and enterprise environment research center. Among them, "Jilin Industrial Development and enterprise environment research center" was rated as the key research base of Humanities and social Sciences in Jilin Province by Jilin Provincial Department of education in January 2008.

Address:2055 Yan'an street, Changchun City, Jilin Province

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