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School of economics and management, Taiyuan University of Technology

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Scholarships and student loans

All Postgraduates of MBA professional degree are self funded postgraduates, and pay the training funds according to the training period of 2-3 years at the rate of 15000 yuan / year.

College introduction

The school of economics and management of Taiyuan University of technology was established in July 1998, which was formed by the merger of the Department of economics and trade of the former Shanxi Institute of mining and technology and the Department of enterprise management of the former Taiyuan University of technology. As a young college with a short history of discipline development, since its establishment, the college has made full use of the advantages of late development and internal and external environmental conditions, adhering to the campus cultural spirit and concept of "daring to be the first, daring to innovate and daring to compete", across the two disciplines of economics and management, in party and government work groups, teaching staff, scientific research, discipline construction Great progress and outstanding achievements have been made in many fields such as student training, and a beautiful scenery has been formed in the "Centennial University" dominated by engineering, combined with science and engineering and coordinated development of multiple disciplines.

Address:MBA education center of Taiyuan University of technology, 79 Yingze West Street, Taiyuan

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