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International Business School of Qingdao University
  • Location:Shandong
  • Date of establishment:two thousand and seven
  • Take the joint examination:yes
  • Early interview:yes
  • Accept transfer:yes
  • Enrollment:fifty
  • Fractional line category:Line a  
  • Official microblog:
  • College website:

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Open project
  • On the job MBA
  • On the job
  • Bilingual
  • 3 years
  • 30 thousand


Venue: room 220, Dongyi Education (Ruisi building), Qingdao University, No. 7, Hong Kong East Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao

Activity time: 13:00  -  16:00

Dai Yucai professor

Deputy director, Department of international economics and trade, School of international business; Research interests: environment and natural resource economics, resource sociology and circular economy

Fan Yingjie associate professor

Deputy director of accounting department; Research direction: financial management budget management financial control

Ge Shurong associate professor

Research interests: corporate culture, business ethics

He Guangming associate professor

Member of MBA Education Steering Committee of Qingdao University; Research interests: organizational behavior, leadership art, organizational strategy

Kang Jinjun associate professor

Director of the teaching and Research Office of financial management; Research interests: enterprise investment and financing management, financial market, enterprise accounting

Ma Jinping professor

Former director of Department of management science and engineering, Qingdao University

Zhang Song Professor and doctoral supervisor

Deputy director of Department of management science and engineering; Research interests: information management and information system, cross organizational information system diffusion, social network and knowledge management

Yu Qingdong professor

Director of the Department of business administration; Research interests: human resource management, investment and financing management, project management

College introduction

Relying on first-class teachers and excellent teaching environment, guided by social needs, the MBA center of International Business School of Qingdao University has always been committed to cultivating competitive and high-quality MBAs, guided by the advanced concept of MBA education at home and abroad, aiming at systematically improving students' practical management and entrepreneurial skills, with experts, entrepreneurs The organic combination of government officials has formed a teaching group and has increasingly become one of the most popular MBA education institutions in the peninsula.

Address:Room 212, East first school, East College, Qingdao University, No. 7, Hong Kong East Road, Qingdao

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