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[good news] the MBA team of the Business School of East China University of technology won the 8th national management case elite competition in East China District 1

July 29, 2021 17:12      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

On July 25, the 8th national management case elite competition East China zone 1 promotion competition was held in Shanghai University of Finance and economics. A total of 21 teams from 11 universities such as East China University of technology, Tongji University, East China Normal University and Shanghai University of Finance and economics had an on-site duel.

After three months of training and preparation, the Business School of East China University of technology sent two teams to participate this time. In the written case analysis, on-site demonstration, judges' questions and other links, the team members deeply integrated theoretical knowledge with case analysis, showing extraordinary comprehensive decision-making and team cooperation ability. Through the fierce competition in the competition period of 60 hours, the representative team of the business school won the champion and the best cutting-edge award in East China, and the instructor Du Weiyu won the Best Coach Award. The business school team reached the National Finals again after eight years.

The 8th national management case elite competition (2021) was jointly sponsored by the National Steering Committee for graduate education of business administration, China Management Case Sharing Center and the management case research professional committee of China Management Modernization Research Association. Through the analysis and discussion of social and economic hot cases, the national management case elite competition highly simulates the real business war, improves the comprehensive analysis and decision-making ability of MBA students, and builds a comprehensive teaching and training platform for students.

                  Participants' comments!

I participated in the case competition by various chances and had never thought of drawing the strongest stroke at the end of the first school year. All this is inseparable from the guidance of teachers, the company of teammates, the training of friendly teams and the help of noble people!

The case competition is a team competition. The formal competition needs to be completed within the limit time of 60 hours, from case reading and analysis to scheme discussion, establishment, formulation and refinement, and finally the content will be on the PPT and demonstrated and defended on site. This is a comprehensive competition for mental, physical and willpower! It is also a collision between the integration of their knowledge, learning and team! I'm very lucky to be in such a dedicated team this time. The experience of discussing, colliding and staying up late with you will be with you all your life!

Finally, thank Mr. Du, Mr. Zhao, Luo Ting, Xiao Pingping, Shi Wen, Xiao Xiao, Jia Jia, Le Ge, Zai Zai and sister Kun! Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Ge and President Ji for giving me a push!

——Lu Yilong (part-time class 1 of 2020 MBA)

I took part in this year's elite management case competition by chance. Although it was very hard and time was tight, the whole process was very pleasant. I was preparing for the competition in a very relaxed state.

Thank Mr. Du for his careful guidance and the full support of the team leader and team members, so that I can fully prepare for the game according to my own schedule and Zhang Chi. I also learned a lot and gained a lot in the process.

——Wang Xiao (part-time class 1 of 2020 MBA)

It is a special honor to have such an opportunity to join the case competition and become one of the regular members from the beginning of preparation to the victory of the first battle. Communicate and cooperate with students in different fields to show their strengths. From simulation to official competition, from one case to another, from my familiar field to hard core heavy industry, this experience is really impressive.

Thank Mr. Du Weiyu for staying with us over and over the scheme night after night, thank Mr. Zhao Lei for his support and company throughout the process, and thank all our little partners. It was everyone's pay that made us all stick together. After more than two months of preparation and + 60 hours of high concentration, our revolutionary friendship will always be indestructible!

——Yin Yuping (part-time class 1 of 2020 MBA)

In his early years, he aspired to travel in the Jianghu and sighed that his life was hard and tired.

I've been confused for a hundred days, and I've been confused for half my life.

The soft couch deeply intoxicates the people in the cloud, and the hotbed startles the dreamer.

By chance, I entered Meilong and boiled the English society.

The edge should be taken at the moment, and the opportunity should be grasped in front of the body.

The two teams were chosen by heaven and set up by nine people.

When the year is changed, it is called Jiazi. If the sweat turns into rain, it will not be confused.

The Chinese carp leaped into the colors of Kyushu, and the hidden dragon was born.

——Zai Yun (2020 MBA China US class)

This case competition is the most unforgettable one since I entered school. When I first received the case, our team was helpless. It is completely different from the original imagined case. This case is a shield machine industry with very high industry barriers. In the next 60 hours of competition, we witnessed the great power of each team member, and the team members cooperated closely, from pain point analysis, process sorting, logical thinking, PPT production, speech exercise and time control of the whole process. Our team members can always finish as scheduled. At the same time, our two teams support each other and share questions and information. Finally, we completed the case of shield industry that we don't know. Gratifying achievements have been made. Thank Mr. Du and my teammates for giving me the honor to experience such an unforgettable journey.

——Luo Ting (part-time class 1 of 2020 MBA)

Because of the relationship with Aoying society, I thought about this case competition very early. As soon as the registration notice came out, I raised my hand and signed up without hesitation.

After more than two months of preparation, when the case was officially obtained, the first reaction was still confused. Fortunately, we have a tacit understanding. While quickly consulting materials and getting familiar with the characteristics of the industry, we mobilize the students, relatives and friends around us to collect a large amount of information in a short time. After repeated study and discussion of the case, the competition scheme is determined, and the later links are unstoppable!

As the saying goes, "there are too many people to thank..." a hard-working teacher! The Organizing Committee of the event! Organizer... Some students, although not members of the competition, came to help as soon as they heard that the students needed it; The previous senior students gave their experience to each other only for the inheritance of spirit; Another example is the tradition of non full class. Where class students participate in activities, non participating students will all be cheerleaders

In addition, although the two teams have different strategies, they share information and support each other in time, which are precious memories in the process of this competition!

——Ma Shiwen (part-time class 1 of 2020 MBA)

After knowing that we won the championship, we were so excited that we didn't sleep all night. Think about it carefully, but there are also traces to be found: before the case was issued, the team leader made the schedule well in advance. During the competition, the progress was promoted according to the time node. The goal was clear and the time was controllable, so he would not be in a hurry. During the competition, the scheme was optimized and polished again and again, which not only used the new theory, but also gave the problem solution, providing some reference for the traditional digital transformation of heavy industrial enterprises. It is unforgettable that in the process of refining the scheme, the team members helped each other. Everyone tried their best to do things and did not forget to cheer up their teammates: there is no idea, let's think together; Where there are questions, let's solve them together. You can do whatever you are good at. Just say what you think! With good atmosphere and high efficiency, it is really an unforgettable team cooperation experience. Praise Mr. Du who accompanied us through the case analysis late at night, and Mr. Zhao who has been busy answering questions and doubts! Praise the excellent team leader Yilong, Xiaoxiao with strong aura, Pingping with strong learning ability, Zizi with great talent, and our powerful backup team. Excellent team, unforgettable experience!

——Zhou Kun (2020 MBA China US class)

1. 2, 9, 21 and 60. These figures are closely related to the case competition. One case, nine partners, two teams, one instructor, 21 colleges and universities, two qualified places and 60 hours. Can we really complete the accurate analysis of the case in such a short time and make exquisite report documents at the same time? Really!

At the beginning of signing up for the case competition, I didn't think about what kind of ranking I had to get. What I thought most was that I could go crazy with a group of sweet, salty, sour and spicy friends at the end of the first semester.

60 hours is really a long time. Under the guidance of Mr. Du Weiyu, with the assistance of Mr. Zhao Lei, under the detailed schedule of captain Longge, through the "roll" of 9 partners and the exchange of information between the two teams of Huali, we finally won the final championship in the first district of East China in the Eighth National case elite competition in 2021.

The preliminaries of the case competition are over, but it doesn't seem to be over. Together with the analysis of brain holes, crazy codewords, reciting the draft again and again, nervously calculating the scores of each team, and finally excited to take the award on the stage. Now it's like a dream in retrospect. I believe no one will regret participating in this competition after asking me, because my answer is the same as everyone else. No, the "volume" is not wonderful!

——Zhang Le (part-time class 1 of 2020 MBA)

I sincerely thank the team's little partners. As the last member to join the team, I feel everyone's strong execution and innovation, and finally I can get good results. It is unthinkable before 60 hours to understand an industry and an enterprise, give a complete business solution to the problems in the case, and have the possibility of innovation and implementation. Thanks to the instructor and the small partner of Huali team, through the practice of the case competition, we really connected the theoretical knowledge in the classroom with the practical problems in business, and also realized the essence of real business connection technology. I will never forget this memory!

——Liu Jia (part-time class 1 of 2020 MBA)

Reprint source: case center of Business School of East China University of Technology

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