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[good news] Huali students won good results in the 2021 (6th) university project management competition

July 22, 2021 15:18      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

The 2021 (6th) university project management competition and the China area trial of the international project management Championship were successfully held in Tianjin Hebei University of technology from July 10 to 11, 2021. This competition was sponsored by China Institute of optimization law and economic mathematics, International Project Management Association (IPMA), Hebei University of technology and IPMA China Youth Project Manager Club (CYC) More than 500 teachers and students from more than 50 universities in China, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Northwest University of technology, East China University of technology, Wuhan University, Shandong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Sun Yat sen University, participated in the competition.

Under the guidance and leadership of Associate Professor Qi Guoyou of the business school, two graduate teams of master of Engineering Management (MEM) and one undergraduate team, composed of 12 students, represented East China University of technology to participate in the project management competition.

After forming a team, after many online and offline training, the representative team of Huali business school participated in the competition and achieved excellent results. Through fierce competition, we won 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 5 third prizes and 2 team third prizes. The proportion of individual awards reached 83%, a new high compared with previous years. Among them, Gu Chaoping, a student of the 2020 MEM Sino German double degree class, and Li Yinhu, an undergraduate, won the first prize. The team composed of Gu Chaoping, Li Jiale, Wang Wenqin and Zhao Dan won the third prize of graduate team, and the team composed of Li Yinhu, Gao Jing, Xu Shixuan and Yang Wenting won the third prize of undergraduate team.

Under the special circumstances, the Organizing Committee of this competition made bold innovations, overcome difficulties in all aspects, and held it simultaneously in the form of a combination of online and offline. Mr. Qi Guoyou has rich experience in leading the team, and has his own unique understanding of both theoretical test questions and system operation; With his help, the team members quickly sorted out efficient problem-solving skills by combining offline learning and online simulation training. Although the difficulty of this year's test questions has increased compared with previous years, and the condition of field equipment is also unstable, the participating students still played a stable role and achieved good results.

In this competition, the students showed solid theoretical foundation and efficient teamwork ability, reflected the efforts made by the business school in cultivating students' project management ability and literacy, and demonstrated the advanced educational concept and excellent school running quality of the school. I believe that with the unremitting efforts of all teachers and students, Huali students will make persistent efforts and continue to write brilliance in various competitions in the future.

In order to better explore the construction of project management courses under the background of "double 10000" plan construction in Colleges and universities, the 2021 (third) National University project management course seminar was held at the same time. Chen Liwen, Professor of Hebei University of technology, Wang Shouqing, Professor of Tsinghua University, ou Lixiong, Professor of Northwest University of technology, Qi Guoyou, associate professor of East China University of technology and other experts and scholars focus on the first-class discipline construction, first-class professional construction, teaching experience of project management courses in Colleges and universities, the application of power edu in project management courses, and project management practice Curriculum construction and other issues were shared and exchanged.

  Event introduction

The project management competition in Colleges and universities is a national project management discipline innovation competition for college students, which is organized and implemented by the Project Management Research Committee (hereinafter referred to as "PMRC") under the China Society for optimization, law and economic mathematics founded by Professor Hua Luogeng. It is also The purpose of the China trial of "project management championship" is to further promote the popularization and application of project management theory and practical achievements among young college students in Chinese colleges and universities, and promote the specialization, informatization and internationalization of China's project management and the professionalization of project managers.

Source: Master of engineering management project department, School of business, East China University of Technology

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