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Huali business school and amborf jointly held the opening ceremony of "amborf Electrical Distribution System Asia Pacific Leadership Development Project"

09:24, July 15, 2021      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

On the morning of July 12, the first "Asia Pacific Leadership Development Project of anbofu electrical distribution system" jointly organized by the Business School of East China University of technology and anbofu Electrical System Co., Ltd. officially opened.

Ma tieju, Dean of the business school, and Anu rathninde, President of the Asia Pacific region of anbofo electric distribution system, jointly attended the opening ceremony and delivered an important speech. Wu Yuming, vice president of the business school, attended and presided over the opening ceremony. A number of guests, including the Asia Pacific leadership team of anbofu electric distribution system and the lecturers of business school, came to the scene to observe the ceremony.

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First of all, Ma tieju expressed warm congratulations on the smooth opening of the seminar on behalf of the college. In his speech, he said that with the mission of "connecting business and technology and cultivating management talents integrating knowledge and practice", Huali business school has actively established close and in-depth industry university research cooperation with many multinational companies and well-known enterprises in the industry, and provided diversified decision-making consulting and solutions for government departments at all levels and enterprises and institutions.

"We are very glad to have reached strategic cooperation with anbofu, and we sincerely look forward to working with anbofu in more aspects such as the integration of industry and education in the future to help cultivate new business talents in the context of the new era." President Ma also said that the college attaches great importance to this project and will carefully organize a super first-class teaching team for you, Carefully create highly practical course content. I hope you can really improve your ability, expand your horizons and apply what you have learned through this study trip.

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Subsequently, ANU rathninde, on behalf of anbofo Electrical System Co., Ltd., congratulated the opening of the first "leadership development project of anbofo electrical distribution system in Asia Pacific region" and placed heartfelt expectations on the students. He introduced that anbofu is a global technology company committed to promoting mobile travel in the future. Its corporate mission of safety, green and interconnection is similar to that of Huali business school to connect business and technology. It is a great honor for anbofo to reach cooperation with Huali business school, which is the key construction object of the national "211 Project" and "985 innovation platform".

This project combines the dual advantages of the industry and academia, and integrates the excellent teachers, quality courses and special industries of the China University of Commerce, and highly concentrates the essence of the EMBA program of the college. For this reason, ANU rathninde also reminded every student to cherish this valuable learning opportunity, actively think, fully communicate, harvest satisfactory learning results and realize the gorgeous transformation of leadership.

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President Ma tieju also presented the Huali school emblem to the first batch of students on behalf of the college. Ms. Li Ning of anbofo Electrical System Co., Ltd. received the school emblem as the student representative and made a speech. Ms. Li talked about the curriculum of "anbofo Electrical Distribution System Asia Pacific Leadership Development Project", which is very grounded, with professional subject knowledge combined with in-depth case analysis and action learning practice, Let the questions encountered in the usual work post be solved from now on. She is very grateful for taking advantage of this opportunity to improve herself in an all-round way, and sincerely looks forward to meeting better herself after the 24-day project study.

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