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[good news] two undergraduate courses of business school were approved as municipal key courses of Shanghai Universities in 2021

11:25, July 8, 2021      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Recently, the list of municipal key courses approved by Shanghai Universities in 2021 was announced, and 28 courses of Huali were listed. Among them, action learning: Theory and practice opened by Professor Chen wansi of business school and auditing opened by Associate Professor Tang Songlian won the municipal key course approval.

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List of municipal key courses approved by Shanghai Universities in 2021 by East China University of Technology

In order to fully implement the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating people, accelerate the construction of high-level undergraduate education, promote the revolution of classroom teaching and improve the quality of talent training, according to the requirements of the implementation plan for the construction of first-class undergraduate courses in Shanghai colleges and universities, the Municipal Education Commission continued to carry out the construction of municipal key courses in Shanghai colleges and universities.

Shanghai municipal key course reporting courses in Colleges and universities need to be included in the key curriculum construction projects at the university level. They have certain foundation for construction, encourage high-level professors to participate in the construction, follow the rules of education and teaching, and conform to the modern educational thoughts of scientific and advanced nature. We should pay attention to the transformation of teaching ideas and the innovation of teaching methods, which have distinctive characteristics, remarkable teaching effect and good students' evaluation of teaching.

Reprint source: Shanghai Municipal Commission of Education

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