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The return of Ge 16& Sha 10 and the celebration and commendation conference of Huali business school ended successfully

June 29, 2021 16:46      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

At the 16th "Xuanzang road" global Chinese business school Gobi challenge and the 10th Asia Pacific Business School desert challenge, which ended in early May, the two teams of Huali business school won the highest awards of the event, "Shackleton Award" and "shaou Award", and won several individual awards.

On June 20, GE 16& Sha 10's return and celebration and commendation conference was successfully held in CYTS international hotel. Ma tieju, President of the business school, Hou Limin, vice president of the business school, Ma Haiying, head of Ge 16, Wu Baijun and Qian Shichao, head of Sha 10, teachers' representatives of functional departments, representatives of the gosai organizing committee, representatives of the Yasha organizing committee, representatives of brother colleges and sponsors attended the event.

Ma tieju delivered a speech at the celebration and commendation meeting. He said that all members of Ge 16 and Sha 10 teams finished the game safely and won the Shackleton award and the seagull award. Their efforts and efforts are worthy of recognition and praise. I hope students can make persistent efforts, inherit and develop, and inherit and carry forward the Yasha Gobi spirit of Huali business school. Hou Limin stressed that the important thing is not the activity itself, but to endow the activity with the greatest significance with her own persistence and efforts, and said that yasasai and Gobi are platforms for adhering to common growth, self realization and the pursuit of excellence. The two presidents hope to have the opportunity to fight with you next year.

Wu Baijun and Qian Shichao, the head of sha10, delivered speeches respectively. Qian Tuan hopes that you can learn to adhere to and trust through assasai for a long time. Head Wu shared some interesting stories about Yasha and realized that there are too many fantasies in the city, but fighting the Gobi and breaking into the sand race made people more and more simple. Finally, he expressed his sincere thanks to the sponsors who helped us, especially EMBA alumni pan Guoping, for their strong support for the celebration and commendation meeting.

Ma Haiying, head of Ge 16, first congratulated the two teams on their successful return. I would like to thank the hard-working team members and Ge Yousha you for providing support and help to the two teams.

Sha10 team leader Liu Ning reviewed various training records of the team since its establishment on September 19, 2020. Winning the sand gull is the result of the cooperation of the whole team. Xu Kailiang, the team leader of Ge 16, thanked Ge 16's partners for completing the Gobi event in the spirit of Huali and encouraged EMBA freshmen present to join the Gobi team to "run for love in the name of love".

Finally, both team leaders expressed their gratitude to the college for its strong support. Zhang hoped that the coach would teach scientifically, rigorously, seriously and responsibly, and thanked the team members for their efforts. At the same time, Hou Limin gave Zhang hope a coach appointment letter.

At the ceremony, members of Ge 16 ideal team, action team, persistence team and surpassing team, leaders of Sha 10A team, B team and C team and members of the preparatory team were commended for their hard work and dedication.

All the past is a prelude. Ma tieju and Hou Limin are the Secretary of Ge You Association, Chang Jiang Xinliang and vice president Li Jian; Chao Yuetian, chairman of langtuteng, and Wu Xingrong, chairman of langtuteng, respectively presented flags, inheriting a heavy responsibility.

Thank you for meeting and having you. In the most beautiful years and struggling youth, Gobi and Yasha are not only this group of people, but also a symbol, a spirit and a inheritance. I hope that in every opportunity to meet, there will still be moving encounter and vibrant beauty.

Reprint source: Business School of East China University of Technology

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