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Introduction to MBA enrollment of Zhejiang University of technology in 2022 (the first batch)

January 20, 2021 15:11      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

1、 MBA Program Introduction

Zhejiang University of technology, one of the top 100 universities in China, ranks second in Zhejiang Province; The first provincial and ministerial jointly built University in eastern coastal provinces, the first batch of key universities in Zhejiang Province, and the top ten local universities in China. It was selected into the first batch of national "2011 plan" universities and became one of the first batch of 14 2011 plans in China. (the "2011 plan", namely the "plan for improving the innovation ability of colleges and universities", is the third national strategic project in the field of higher education in China after the construction of "211" and "985" key colleges and universities).

The MBA program of Zhejiang University of technology is specifically undertaken by the school of management. It started formal enrollment in 2004, passed the MBA program qualification assessment of the academic degrees Office of the State Council in 2009, and officially passed the AMBA international certification in 2015, becoming the second University in Zhejiang Province to pass the AMBA international certification after Zhejiang University. In 2018, it passed AMBA re certification and was authorized for up to five years.

The MBA program of Zhejiang University of technology has strong teachers, and the teachers have rich theoretical and practical experience. They undertake a large number of national, provincial and ministerial projects, act as consultants in many well-known enterprises, and employ well-known professors of engineering, executives of multinational enterprises and professors from well-known domestic colleges as MBA teachers and tutors, It also provides students with professionals with rich practical experience as off campus tutors.

The mission of the MBA program of Zhejiang University of technology is to "promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and provide new impetus for Zhejiang's economic transformation and upgrading". The training goal is to cultivate business elites with "Oriental wisdom, international vision, innovative thinking, social responsibility and the integration of knowledge and practice".

The MBA development strategy of Zhejiang University of technology is to focus on the project mission, face the future and the world, pay attention to the interaction with Zhejiang economy, strengthen the characteristic development of "practice oriented, innovation and entrepreneurship education", and build the MBA project of Zhejiang University of technology into the "cradle of new Zhejiang businessmen" through the systematic training of students and the ability improvement of teachers.

2、 Enrollment program

Zhejiang University of Technology

3、 MBA special scholarship

1. The first 10% of the freshmen who volunteer to apply for the MBA preliminary examination of Zhejiang University of technology enjoy a scholarship of 10000 yuan.

2. The first 10% - 30% of the freshmen who volunteer to apply for the MBA preliminary examination of Zhejiang University of technology enjoy a scholarship of 5000 yuan.

4、 Research direction

Strategic marketing and human resource management, finance and investment, big data and intelligence, manufacturing leaders, entrepreneurship management, international operation, real estate management, engineering and project management, financial management, etc

5、 Early batch registration process

1. Submit the application form: log in to the official website of MBA education center of Zhejiang University of technology, click "I want to apply" and submit the application.

2. After receiving the complete application materials of the students, conduct the qualification examination of early approval. After passing the examination, issue the admission notice of early approval to the students.

6、 Provide the following services after early admission

1. Help from famous teachers.

2. Implement grade, class and group management.

3. Participate in various activities of MBA Center (Financial Intelligence forum, entrepreneurship salon, club, MBA annual meeting, etc.).

4. Arrange visits to well-known enterprises.

5. Get test preparation materials free of charge.

7、 Student schedule


8、 Contact information

Address: 608, Protestant building, Zhejiang University of technology, No. 18, Chaowang Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0571-88320157, 88320217

Mobile phone (wechat): 18606503286


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