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Master of Business Administration (EMBA) for 2022 senior managers of National Development Research Institute of Peking University

January 20, 2021 11:31      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

1、 Introduction to EMBA program of National Development Research Institute of Peking University

Founded in 2000, the EMBA degree program of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University is one of the earliest programs to offer EMBA education in China. After 22 years of accumulation, with economics and management as its wing and the national high-end think tank led by Chinese universities as its unique advantage, the Institute has helped entrepreneurs understand the trend and law of China's economic development and improve their ability to respond to changes in the business environment, so as to accurately grasp business opportunities. Based on the global vision, rooted in China's reality, maintain and inspire the vigorous entrepreneurial spirit by looking at the situation and seeking ways. Facing the future, empower yourself with knowledge, ability, responsibility and responsibility.

National think tanks are strategically located

As an important national think tank, the National Development Institute of Peking University has gathered heavyweight think tanks and is far ahead of the think tanks in Colleges and universities. EMBA in think tanks foresaw the trend of national development and understood the law of industrial change.

Academic town wisdom leading

Lin Yifu, Zhou Qiren, Zhang Weiying, Yao Yang, Huang Yiping, Chen Chunhua, Yang Zhuang, Hu Dayuan, Zhang Li, Ma Hao, Gong Yuzhen and many other experts and scholars are walking with the wise. Time waits for no man.

Prospect of excellent course system

The EMBA characteristic course of National Development Institute has kept pace with the times for 22 years. The curriculum structure takes systematic knowledge, cultural accumulation, forward-looking judgment, innovative technology and global vision as the system, forming five modules: introspection, foresight, innovation, team and action.

Peking University Twin parks fly together

The National Development Institute of Peking University sits on two unique campuses of Peking University, Langrun Park and Chengze park. Shuangyuan is a century old royal garden, which has witnessed the process of Peking University from its birth to promoting national progress. It is also a landmark of Peking University together with Weiming lake and Boya tower.

Global gathering of political and business school friends

At the same time, the National Development Institute of Peking University carries out teaching programs such as master's degree, MBA, EMBA, DPS, EDP, cho100 and Mulan college, and undertakes the school of South South cooperation and development to train members of governments and international organizations in developing countries around the world. After 27 years of accumulation, alumni, political, business and academic circles have gathered, and Guofa people are all over the world.

2、 Training objectives

It aims to cultivate entrepreneurs and senior professional managers with good morality, law-abiding, strong development and innovation ability and leadership ability, master systematic modern management knowledge and the latest trends of international economic and technological development, meet the needs of international competition, have international business strategic mind and overall decision-making ability.

3、 Cultivation mode

Length of schooling: 2 years

Enrollment time: September 2022

Place of study: National Development Research Institute of Peking University

Teaching time: compulsory courses are taught four days a month, and elective courses are arranged according to the course duration

Teaching language: Chinese

4、 Academic degree

After completing all courses and passing the dissertation defense, students will obtain the graduation certificate and degree certificate issued by Peking University in accordance with the articles of association of Peking University and with the approval of the University.

5、 Application qualification

Have a bachelor's degree or above in national education, have 8 years or more full-time working experience after graduation, including 5 years or more management experience, and the current middle and senior managers of large-scale enterprises.

The current senior managers of large-scale enterprises who have graduated from the junior college of national education and obtained the graduation certificate, and have 10 years or more full-time working experience after graduation, including 5 years or more management experience and rich practical experience.

6、 Selection method

The method of "application review - registration examination - selective admission" is adopted to investigate the comprehensive quality and management potential. The application review includes material review and interview assessment. Only those who pass the examination can sign up for the written examination of EMBA joint examination in the national postgraduate enrollment examination, and be admitted according to the written examination results.

Peking University does not accept the transfer of candidates, and candidates applying for Peking University cannot be transferred to other enrollment units.

7、 Application procedure

1. Registration on the official website of National Development Research Institute of Peking University

Visit the official website of National Development Research Institute of Peking University( "online registration" to complete the forecast name application, or call 010-62755706 to learn about the course information and obtain the registration materials.

Application materials include: (the electronic version of the following materials shall be submitted on the official website of National Development Institute of Peking University)

·A formal application form, including personal information, work and company information, work resume, educational background, social position, honor and reward, additional information, tuition source description, candidate's readme, recommender information, etc.

·Two letters of recommendation (both Chinese and English)

·Academic degree certificate

·Academic certification report of the Ministry of Education

·ID card

·Business card


2. Preliminary qualification examination

After the applicant has completely filled in the EMBA application materials of Peking University International Development Institute, the enrollment expert group of Peking University International Development Institute will review the application materials, and can participate in the college interview only after passing the review.

3. Interview

On the day of the interview, you must bring the original academic degree certificate, the original academic certification report issued by the Ministry of education of China and the original valid ID card for qualification confirmation.

4. Written examination registration

The registration time and method of the joint written examination are the same as those of the national postgraduate entrance examination. The online registration time of the joint examination is October 2021. Candidates log in to China graduate enrollment information network( )Register for the joint examination. You can take the written examination only after you have successfully registered and paid.

5. Joint written examination

According to the arrangement of the national postgraduate entrance examination, the joint written examination will be held in December 2021 at Peking University.

8、 Tuition standard

It shall be subject to the tuition standard published in Peking University's 2022 master's enrollment general rules (school headquarters). The tuition fee for EMBA of Peking University in 2021 is 728000 yuan.

9、 Contact us

EMBA center of National Development Research Institute of Peking University

Tel: + 86-10-62755706, 62767507



Address: Room 101, National Development Research Institute, Peking University, No. 5, Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Wechat: bimba-emba

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