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The 2020 commendation Conference for master's degree students of Business School of East China University of technology was successfully held

January 14, 2021 17:31      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

On January 10, 2021, the business school's 2020 commendation meeting for professional degree postgraduates was held. Hou Limin, vice president of business school and director of professional degree education center, Zhao Yan and Chen Qingsheng, assistant dean, as well as responsible teachers of project departments, representatives of outstanding students and alumni, witnessed this important moment. This annual commendation meeting is presided over by students Meng Zihan, Zhu Lin and Wang Hui.

Hou Limin, who represents novel coronavirus pneumonia in the business school, said that 2020 was a very extraordinary year. In the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, the people of the whole country, under the wise leadership of the Party Central Committee, created unusual brilliance in this very unusual year. So, as the book of general Xi said in the new year's message, everyone is great. Huali Business School adheres to the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating people. On the one hand, it fully promotes epidemic prevention and actively cooperates with the school in campus management and control, teacher-student management and so on; On the other hand, the students still pursue excellence, continue to explore and innovate while suspending classes and schools, and have repeatedly achieved good results in various discipline competitions and sports events. At the same time, in the face of the epidemic, the people of the business school carried forward the spirit of anti epidemic, actively donated money and materials, devoted themselves to epidemic prevention and control, medical treatment and voluntary service, made rational contributions to the anti epidemic war, and won the honorary title of "China MBA anti epidemic advanced collective in 2020". On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, Hou Limin put forward expectations and blessings to the students. I hope the students will not change their original heart and struggle. In the new year, take struggle as the motto, promote high-quality and connotative development in depth, and write a new chapter of business school.

Hou Limin

Hou Limin delivers new year's speech

Liu Ning, President of the second youth volunteer association of Business School (Xuhui), gave an annual work report at the meeting. He said that in 2020, the epidemic was merciless. Shang Xiaozhi always adhered to the public welfare mission of "integrating into the city and sharing development", practiced the core value of "social responsibility" of the people of the business school, provided various voluntary anti epidemic services during the epidemic, held 19 public welfare activities and contributed to the public welfare; Shang Xiaozhi launched the voluntary service of "wisdom +" cloud public welfare - online education support "to help the growth of left behind children and young people. In the past year, Shang Xiaozhi has completed the adjustment and upgrading of the organizational structure, the strength of the youth volunteer association will be infinitely extended, and Shang Xiaozhi will present a new style of public welfare of the Business School of the public welfare service platform.

Liu Ning

Liu Ning publishes the summary of business Chronicles

Bao Yun, President of the 18th Federation of professional masters, gave an annual work report at the meeting. She said that under the guidance of the graduate Association of the college and the professional degree education center of the business school, she continued to increase exchanges with international and domestic business schools, go deep into business management practice activities, and cooperate with brother colleges in a deeper and wider range. During the epidemic period, the eighth national MBA online Dragon Boat Invitational Competition was successfully held, setting an online record, and won the top ten classic campus activities of national MBA for two consecutive years; Actively call on and organize students to participate in the "Shanghai MBA sunshine Cup sports event"; At the same time, it undertakes a series of activities for graduates and Freshmen of business schools, new year orientation activities, Shaohua cup basketball match, new year's Day online relay race and other activities. With the joint efforts of each member, the Federation of professional and master students of the Business School of East China University of science and technology does not seek earth shaking, but no regrets, struggle for ideals and tenacious pursuit of youth dreams.

Bao Yun

Bao Yun publishes the annual work summary of the Federation of experts and masters

In this commendation conference, more than 10 awards were awarded, including the "excellent class tutor Award", "social influence achievement award" and "public welfare communication contribution award" of the business school in 2020, and a total of 282 individuals and groups were commended.

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