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Recruitment of master of Business Administration (MBA) of Henan University in 2021

October 29, 2020 17:58      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

1、 Introduction to school and center

Henan University is located in Kaifeng, a famous historical and cultural city and the ancient capital of the eight dynasties. After Zhongzhou University and the Fifth National Sun Yat sen University, the name of Henan University was restored in 1984. In October 2008, the people's Government of Henan Province and the Ministry of education signed a co construction agreement, and Henan University officially entered the ranks of provincial and ministerial co construction universities. In September 2016, the school was selected into the national "111 plan". In September 2017, it was selected as a "double first-class" University.

The business department of Henan University originated from the Fifth National Sun Yat sen University in 1927. It has entered a period of rapid development since the 1980s. It has gone through the stages of Department of Finance and economics, School of economic and trade management, School of management and School of business administration. It was renamed Business School in 2015. The college has first-class doctoral programs in business administration and post doctoral stations, and three second-class doctoral programs in enterprise economics, finance and national economics; There are three first-class master programs in business administration, management science and engineering and applied economics; There are four master's degree programs in Business Administration (MBA), accounting (MPAcc), asset evaluation and engineering management. Business administration, management science and engineering are key disciplines in Henan Province. There are 7 undergraduate majors in accounting, business administration, marketing, financial management, human resource management, e-commerce and logistics management. Among them, accounting is a national first-class undergraduate major, and e-commerce and business administration are first-class undergraduate majors in Henan Province.

The MBA education center of Henan University has 19 professors, 60 associate professors and 67 career mentors in business circles; There are 14 doctoral supervisors, 66 master supervisors, and 57 with doctoral degrees; One member of the industrial and Commercial Administration Education Instruction Committee of the Ministry of education; 7 Chinese certified public accountants; There are 6 scientific and technological innovation talents training programs in Colleges and universities in Henan Province, 2 excellent teachers in Henan Province, 9 young backbone teachers in Henan Province, 13 academic and technical leaders of Henan Provincial Department of education and 27 overseas lecture professors. In the past five years, it has undertaken 32 national self science and social science funds, 76 provincial and ministerial projects, published more than 220 high-level papers, more than 20 scientific research awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level, and published more than 40 academic monographs.

For more than ten years, we have always adhered to the school motto of "Mingde Xinmin, stop at perfection" and the Academy motto of "Mingde Hongdao, business and the world". Relying on the century old Heda's profound cultural heritage, comprehensive social service ability and advantageous discipline platform, we have actively explored the training mode of MBA education and continuously improved the training quality with the responsibility of cultivating high-quality talents and serving the economy and society. At present, there are more than 450 MBA students and more than 1000 graduates. The vast majority of graduates have become the business backbone and backbone of the unit.

2、 MBA research direction

1) Organizational behavior and human resource management; 2) Enterprise strategic management; 3) Marketing management; 4) E-commerce and aviation logistics; 5) Innovation management; 6) Finance and capital operation of the company; 7) Modern corporate governance.

3、 Registration items

1. MBA application conditions:

Have 5 years (or above) working experience after graduating from junior college of national education sequence University (obtain junior college diploma before September 1, 2016);

Have 3 years (or above) working experience after graduating from a National Education University (obtain an undergraduate diploma before September 1, 2018);

Have obtained master's degree or doctor's degree and 2 years (or above) working experience (obtain graduation certificate before September 1, 2019).

2. Registration steps

Candidates need to register through online registration and online confirmation (on-site confirmation).

(1) The national online official registration will be from October 10 to 31, 2020;

(2) The specific time of online confirmation (on-site confirmation) shall be determined and announced by each provincial education enrollment and examination institution according to the application situation in the region.

Candidates should register online and confirm online (on-site confirmation) within the registration time specified by the Ministry of education, and will not handle it within the time limit.

3. Examination contents

The entrance examination is divided into two parts: national joint examination and re examination:

Examination time: December 26, 2020;

National joint examination subjects: comprehensive ability of management joint examination (including mathematics, logic and writing), English (2);

Re examination: professional comprehensive interview.

4. Enrollment number and enrollment category

It is proposed to recruit 183 people in 2021.

Full time MBA admission is divided into targeted employment and non targeted employment. Postgraduates with targeted employment must sign targeted employment agreements with Henan University and employers before admission. Master's students with non directional employment must transfer their personnel files to our university.

Part time MBA can decide whether to transfer files according to individual conditions.

5. Length of schooling, fees and venue

Full time master of Business Administration (MBA double certificate): 2 years of schooling, tuition 28000 yuan / person / academic year;

Part time master of Business Administration (MBA Dual Certificate): the school system is 2.5 years and the tuition fee is 22000 yuan / person / academic year.

Class place:

Full time: Kaifeng Jinming campus;

Part time: Zhengzhou Longzihu campus and Kaifeng Jinming campus.

6. Grant loan policy

All full-time MBAs admitted by Henan University enjoy academic scholarships with a coverage of 100%, including first-class scholarships of 12000 yuan / year, second-class scholarships of 8000 yuan / year and third-class scholarships of 4000 yuan / year. Those in line with national policies can also enjoy a national grant of 6000 yuan / year. Can participate in the National Scholarship (20000 yuan) and Hou Jingru Scholarship (3000 yuan).

Note: the final enrollment, examination time and policy shall be subject to the documents of the Graduate School of Henan University and the Ministry of education.

7. Other matters

(1) Please pay timely attention to the websites of Henan University Graduate School and MBA Education Center. All kinds of information about Henan University graduate enrollment are published on this website.

(2) MBA education center of Henan University

Enrollment consultation: Mr. Liu, Mr. Guo 0371-23887722



Contact address: room 112, MBA Education Center, Jinming campus, Henan University, Jinming Avenue, Kaifeng, Henan Province

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