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MBA enrollment profile of Taiyuan University of science and technology in 2021

October 29, 2020 16:17      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Welcome to apply for the MBA of Taiyuan University of science and technology!

Founded in 1952, Taiyuan University of science and technology is a multidisciplinary university with distinctive school running characteristics and glorious school running tradition. At present, the university has 1 advantageous and characteristic discipline of provincial "1331 project", 2 service industry innovation disciplines, 3 provincial key disciplines and 15 provincial key construction disciplines; The university has 3 first-class discipline doctoral degree authorization points, 18 first-class discipline master's degree authorization points, and 10 master's degree authorization points in Business Administration (MBA), law, social work, electronic information, machinery, materials and chemical industry, resources and environment, energy and power, transportation and engineering management; There are post doctoral research stations in mechanical engineering, material science and engineering.

Founded in 1983, the school of economics and management of Taiyuan University of science and technology is one of the earliest universities in the national economic management discipline. Over the years, it has trained a large number of senior management talents for the country and Shanxi Province, won good praise from the society, and is praised as the "Huangpu Military Academy" in the electromechanical industry by the Organization Department of Shanxi provincial Party committee. The college has the right to grant the doctoral degree in the secondary discipline of industrial engineering and the master's degree in the primary discipline of theoretical economics, management science and engineering. At the same time, it also has the right to grant the professional master's degree of master of Business Administration (MBA) and master of Engineering Management (MEM), forming a three-level talent training system of undergraduate, master and doctoral.

The MBA program of Taiyuan University of science and technology was launched in 2010. It adheres to the educational concept of "broad vision, sizing up the situation, accumulating and making progress through innovation" and adheres to characteristic development. Relying on the characteristics of our equipment manufacturing industry and the advantages of our disciplines and teachers, we set up intelligent manufacturing management, big data management course modules and entrepreneurship course modules to form the characteristics of the curriculum system of the MBA of the University of science and technology; Strengthen practical links, set up enterprise practical training, case competition, study tour and other projects, and form the characteristics of the curriculum system of the MBA of the University of science and technology; Select a group of outstanding private enterprise mentors to form the characteristics of MBA talent training of University of science and technology.

The MBA program of Taiyuan University of science and technology always adheres to the connotative development path. In recent years, remarkable achievements have been made in school enterprise cooperation, supporting students' innovation and entrepreneurship, public welfare undertakings and so on. The "MBA micro fund of Taiyuan University of science and technology" has been established to donate and carry out caring public welfare activities for children in poor mountainous areas and poor college students with excellent character and learning. It has been publicized, reported and reprinted by Shanxi daily, Yellow River TV and other media, and its social influence has been expanding. Now we are starting MBA enrollment in 2021.

1、 Training objectives

The degree of master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the professional master's degrees. Its goal is to cultivate high-level practical management talents. The enrollment objects are current employees with various professional backgrounds, working in enterprises and institutions or competent government departments and practical experience. Major code: 125100.

The MBA education of Taiyuan University of science and technology aims to combine the characteristics and advantages of the University, make use of the high-quality resources of the school of economics and management, base on the development opportunities provided by China's economic structure transformation and the comprehensive reform experimental area of resource-based economic transformation in Shanxi Province, and cultivate students with international vision and awareness of social responsibility, good at judging the situation and being able to make scientific decisions Innovative senior business administration talents with strong leadership.

The teaching will highlight case analysis and practical research, and focus on cultivating students' practical ability to analyze and solve problems by using methods such as team learning, case analysis, on-site research, simulation training and ability development.

2、 Enrollment and admission

1. Registration conditions

Citizens of the people's Republic of China; Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have good moral character, abide by discipline and law; The physical health status meets the relevant requirements of the guidance on enrollment and physical examination of ordinary colleges and universities, and the national regulations on the administration of postgraduate enrollment in 2021 issued by the Ministry of education. Candidates also need to meet one of the following three conditions (1) (2) (3).

(1) Personnel with more than 3 years working experience after bachelor degree; That is, obtain the undergraduate diploma of national education series before July 31, 2018 (generally there should be a degree certificate).

(2) Or a person who has obtained a national recognized higher vocational college degree or a bachelor's degree, reaches the same educational level as a bachelor's degree and has more than 5 years of working experience; I.e. obtain the junior college diploma of national education before July 31, 2016.

(3) Or those who have more than 2 years of working experience after obtaining a master's degree or doctor's degree.

From September 24 to September 27, 2020 (9:00-22:00 every day), candidates will log in to "China graduate enrollment information network" (website:, fill in my registration information truthfully according to the tips and requirements of the website.

From October 10 to October 31, 2020 (9:00-22:00 every day) is the first stage of formal registration, that is, the national official online reporting time. Candidates log in to "China graduate enrollment information network" (website:, fill in the registration information truthfully according to the tips and requirements of the website. During this period, candidates can modify their information. They will not make a supplementary report within the time limit, nor can they modify the registration information.

For payment matters and on-site confirmation, please pay attention to Shanxi enrollment and examination network at any time.

From December 19, 2020 to December 28, 2020, candidates can log in to "" with their online user name and password to download and print the admission ticket by themselves.

3. Examination

The examination is divided into two parts: preliminary examination and re examination.

The initial examination is "management joint examination". That is, the unified entrance examination for postgraduates majoring in management.

Written examination subjects: the national joint examination of English and comprehensive ability (including mathematics, writing and logic), and the political course examination shall be conducted during the re examination.

The examination time is December 26, 2020 (8:30-11:30 a.m. and 14:00-17:00 p.m.). The specific time and place of the examination shall be subject to the arrangement on the admission ticket.

The re examination is organized by the school. Taiyuan University of science and technology will determine the re examination qualification according to the basic score line of the re examination designated by the state. The re examination will be conducted in the school from late March to early April 2021. During the re examination, the qualification examination and physical examination shall be carried out at the same time.

4. Admission

The school will comprehensively evaluate and select the best candidates according to the candidates' preliminary and re examination results.

3、 Cultivation mode

The major of Business Administration (major code 125100) only recruits part-time on-the-job directional employees, with a school system of 2.5-3 years. They are arranged to study in their spare time, and are generally arranged to teach in the evenings and weekends of working days.

4、 Degree awarding and degree awarding

Those who have completed the required credits within the specified years, completed the master's thesis and passed the thesis defense will be awarded the master's graduation certificate of Taiyuan University of science and technology and the master's degree of business administration after being reviewed and approved by the University.

Welcome candidates who are interested in improving their management ability and professional quality to apply for the MBA degree of Taiyuan University of science and technology!

Address: MBA Education Center, science and technology building, west campus, Taiyuan University of science and technology, No. 66, luoliu Road, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

MBA Center website: can also click directly from the drop-down column of enrollment and employment or talent training on the homepage of our university)


Tel.: 0351-2564337, zip code: 030024

Note: 1. During the enrollment period, please pay attention to the relevant enrollment information on the website of MBA center of Taiyuan University of science and technology, and the information on this website shall prevail;

2. In order to facilitate candidates to consult relevant questions and understand enrollment trends, candidates can join the QQ group of "2021 University of science and Technology MBA gas station" (Group No.: 253943833).

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