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Huali [cloud lecture hall of business school] shared the "Health Empowerment" and worked together to help build energy for "healthy China"

October 20, 2020 10:13      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

On October 18, the first public welfare lecture of the third quarter of the "Health Empowerment" series of "cloud lecture hall of business school" hosted by the Business School of East China University of technology successfully ended in the "cloud". This lecture was presented in the form of "online and offline integration" for the first time. Wan Quan, deputy director of the health economic research department of the health development research center of the National Health Commission, Yin Xuelin, general manager of Shanghai Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and alumnus of Huali EMBA, Ling Shuyuan, CEO and founder of Shanghai Aijin technology company, and Li Jia, associate professor of Business School of East China University of technology, Together with the host Ma Ling, Secretary of the Party committee of the Business School of East China University of technology, talk about the innovative road of "great health industry development and industry professional management talent training", find opportunities in challenges and difficulties, and seek development in changes.

Hua Liyun lecture hall

Photo caption: online and offline synchronization

Today's world is experiencing great changes that have not been seen in a century, and the opportunities and challenges in the field of great health also exist side by side. As a sunrise industry with huge market potential, the great health industry is gradually on the high-speed road of development and becoming a blue ocean in the future. Accordingly, the industry's demand for high-quality professional industrial management talents has also shown a "blowout" growth. Whether it can have industry talents who keep pace with the times and follow the trend has become the decisive commanding point for the sustainable development of the industry and enterprises. With the "healthy China 2030" strategy as the background, all guests discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by China's health field and professional talent training at the present stage around the theme of "development of big health industry and training of industrial professional management talents". Senior industry experts had a heated discussion, spoke freely, and the atmosphere was active and harmonious.

Wan Quan's speech

Picture caption: Wan Quan's speech

Wan Quan shared from three aspects: the current development situation of China's health industry, the future development space of economic volume and the improvement of health industry professionals. He pointed out that China's big health industry is changing from "high-speed" to "high-quality" development. With the continuous improvement of China's health industry policy system, the continuous extension of the industrial chain and the integration of multi industry industries, the growth rate of China's total economic output value of health service industry has exceeded the growth rate of GDP, and there is still a lot of room for the development of health industry in the economic volume. On the other hand, in the short board of the development of the health industry, "talent resources" has become the biggest restrictive factor. Among them, "high-end technical research talents", "compound operation and management talents" and "professional skill service talents" have become scarce personnel in the industry. It is particularly important to deeply implement the "integration of industry and education" for the cultivation of professionals.

Li Jia's speech

Photo caption: Li Jia's speech

From the perspective of academic research, Li Jia put forward experience and Enlightenment for the development of large health industry driven by innovative technology. He said that the full mining of data value is particularly important for the development of health industry. At present, big data processing and artificial intelligence technology are applied in precision medicine, auxiliary clinical medical diagnosis, medical cost control, etc. as an extension of innovative technology, big data application can also form a good driving role with enterprise drug R & D, public health prevention and control, and hospital diagnosis and treatment improvement. Generally speaking, At present, innovative technology has been integrated into all aspects of the medical industry.

Yin Xuelin spoke

Photo caption: Yin Xuelin's speech

Yin Xuelin discussed the demand for professional management talents of big health industry from the level of transformation at the present stage of medicine. He stressed that the pharmaceutical industry is always a sunrise industry. This statement is especially confirmed in the COVID-19 process this year, and China's pharmaceutical industry has been developing rapidly in the past decades. However, on the whole, there is still a gap from the world's cutting-edge level, industrial barriers still need to be broken through, and China's pharmaceutical industry is undergoing profound changes. Government policies have increasingly strengthened the innovation drive of pharmaceutical enterprises, gradually increased the emphasis on pharmaceutical quality, and gradually reduced the access threshold of the pharmaceutical market. On the one hand, these reforms have opened up the channel through which innovative drugs can directly produce social benefits, reduced drug costs and enhanced the driving force of innovative drug research and development, On the other hand, it has greatly promoted the intensive development of pharmaceutical enterprises. How to "maximize the industry" will become the biggest challenge for pharmaceutical enterprises in the future. Correspondingly, "compound management talents" with professional background will become the most scarce talents in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ling Shuyuan

Photo caption: Ling Shuyuan's speech

As scientific and technological innovation has increasingly become the driving factor for the development of large health industry, innovative medical treatment has also radiated new vitality. Ling Shuyuan pointed out that the essence of "medical innovation" should be "innovation" serving "medical treatment", not inversion. Based on serving people's growing health awareness and solving the problem of lack of medical resources in China, "medical innovation" will continue to serve "precision medicine" and play a role in the fields of "precision surgery" and "precision medicine". The industry will also favor professionals with "learning ability", "resource integration ability" and "leadership".

Ma Ling

Photo caption: Ma Ling presides over the lecture

Finally, as the host of this lecture, Ma Ling concluded that the large health industry has many business forms, long industrial chain, strong integration and fast development speed. The training of professional management talents in this industry is both the pain point and the focus. How to find development opportunities from various challenges and establish a sustainable industrial development strategy is the core issue in front of professional managers of the big health industry. How to find, cultivate and select professional industrial management talents who can keep pace with the times and follow the trend is also an important issue that the industry will face next. It is hoped that in the future, the industry, the government and universities can work together to form a professional industry management talent training system, so as to avoid the problems of "acclimatization" and "talking on paper" of health industry professionals.

Since March this year, the "Health Empowerment" series of public welfare lectures in [cloud lecture hall of business school] has been successfully held for two seasons, and the third series of lectures has also been vigorously launched in a new form. At present, it has won the active participation and support of many audiences and personnel in the health industry across the country. As a value platform with the health industry as the carrier and the organic integration of academia and industry as the background, We look forward to continuing to make a voice for promoting the implementation of the "healthy China" strategy, exploring new ideas and seeking new development in the future.

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