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The graduate examination in 2021 was announced!

September 21, 2020 17:25      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

according toRegulations on the administration of national postgraduate enrollment in 2021, the matters related to the national postgraduate entrance examination in 2021 are hereby announced as follows:

1、 Initial test time

The preliminary examination time of the national postgraduate entrance examination in 2021 is from December 26 to December 27, 2020 (8:30-11:30 a.m. and 14:00-17:00 p.m. every day). The examination subjects over 3 hours will be conducted on December 28 (the starting time is 8:30, and the deadline is determined by the enrollment unit, no more than 14:30).

The examination time shall be subject to Beijing time. The state will not recognize the postgraduate entrance examination not held on the specified date.

2、 Preliminary subjects

The initial examination is written.

On the morning of December 26, comprehensive ability of Ideological and political theory and management joint examination

Foreign languages on the afternoon of December 26

Business class 1 on the morning of December 27

Business class II on the afternoon of December 27

On December 28, the examination time exceeds 3 hours or there are special requirements for the use of drawing boards

The examination time of each subject is generally 3 hours; The maximum examination time for special subjects such as architectural design shall not exceed 6 hours.

For detailed examination time, examination subjects and relevant requirements, please refer to the admission card and the announcement of the examination site and enrollment unit.

3、 Registration requirements

The registration of postgraduate entrance examination includes two stages: online registration and online confirmation (on-site confirmation). All candidates participating in the postgraduate entrance examination must register online, confirm the online information, collect their own images and other relevant electronic information online or at the registration site, and pay the registration fee according to the regulations.

In principle, fresh graduates should choose the registration point designated by the provincial education enrollment and examination institution where the school is located to go through the online registration and online confirmation (on-site confirmation) procedures; Candidates for independent examination shall select the registration point designated by the provincial education enrollment and examination institution where the enrollment unit is located to go through the formalities of online registration and online confirmation (on-site confirmation); Other candidates (including candidates with professional degrees in business administration, public administration, tourism management and Engineering Management) shall choose the registration point designated by the provincial education enrollment and examination institution where their work or registered permanent residence is located to go through the formalities of online registration and online confirmation (on-site confirmation).

The technical service of online registration is in the charge of the national college student information consultation and employment guidance center. Online confirmation (on-site confirmation) shall be organized by the provincial education enrollment and examination institutions.

4、 Online registration

The online registration time is from October 10 to October 31, 2020, from 9:00 to 22:00 every day. The forecast time is from September 24 to September 27, 2020, from 9:00 to 22:00 every day.

Candidates should log in to the "China graduate enrollment information network" (public website) at the specified time, hereinafter referred to as "research and recruitment network"). Before registration, please be sure to browse the registration instructions in advance and register according to the online announcement requirements of the Ministry of education, provincial education enrollment and examination institutions, registration sites and enrollment units.

During the registration period, candidates can modify the online registration information or fill in the registration information again. In order to avoid occupying more seats and affecting other candidates to register for the examination, one candidate can only retain one valid registration information.

Candidates only fill in one major of one enrollment unit when registering. After the examination is over and the Ministry of Education announces the basic requirements for candidates to enter the retest, candidates can understand the adjustment methods, planned balance and other information of enrollment units through the "research and recruitment network" adjustment service system, and independently fill in multiple adjustment volunteers in parallel according to relevant regulations.

During the registration period, the examinee's education (student status) information will be verified online, and the examinee can view the verification results of Education (student status) online. Candidates can also log in to the "China higher education student information network" (website) before or during registration my education (student status) information. Candidates who fail to pass the online verification of academic qualifications (student status) shall complete the verification of academic qualifications (student status) within the time specified by the enrollment unit.

Candidates should accurately fill in personal online registration information and provide authentic materials as required. In case of failure to take the examination, retest or admission due to the wrong filling of online information or false information, the consequences shall be borne by the examinee himself.

For specific requirements and precautions for online registration, see the national regulations on the administration of postgraduate enrollment in 2021 (which has been posted on the official website of the Ministry of Education) and "research and recruitment network" registration instructions.

There is plenty of time for online registration. It is recommended that candidates reasonably arrange the registration time to avoid the peak at the beginning and end of registration, so as to avoid network congestion affecting registration. No supplementary application shall be made within the time limit, and the registration information shall not be modified.

5、 Online confirmation (on-site confirmation)

The specific time and requirements for online confirmation (on-site confirmation) shall be determined and announced by each provincial education enrollment and examination institution according to the application situation in the region.

Please pay attention to the announcements issued by the provincial education enrollment and examination institutions in time, and complete the online (on-site) verification and confirmation of personal online registration information, payment of registration fee, collection of personal image information, etc. If it is overdue, it will not be handled again.

When online confirmation (on-site confirmation), candidates shall submit their resident ID card, academic degree certificate (fresh graduates hold student ID card) and online registration number, which shall be checked by the staff of the registration point. Candidates applying for the special postgraduate enrollment plan of "retired college student soldiers" shall also submit the original or copy of their enlistment approval and withdrawal certificate.

Candidates should carefully understand and choose to fill in the volunteers in strict accordance with the registration conditions and relevant policy requirements. The online registration information will not be modified after the candidates' online confirmation (on-site confirmation).

6、 Print admission ticket

From December 19 to December 28, 2020, candidates can log in to "" with their online user name and password to download and print the admission ticket by themselves. The admission card shall be printed on A4 white paper, and the front and back sides shall not be altered or written during use. Candidates shall participate in the preliminary examination and retest with the downloaded and printed admission card and valid resident ID card.

Candidates must properly keep their personal online user name, password, admission card, resident ID card and other documents to avoid losses caused by leakage and loss.

7、 Other

For other matters related to the entrance examination, seeRegulations on the administration of national postgraduate enrollment in 2021, or log in to the "research and recruitment website" to browse and query the registration instructions and online announcements of relevant units.

In order to help candidates understand the enrollment policy, all graduate enrollment units will carry out the 2021 national postgraduate enrollment publicity and consultation week on the "research and enrollment network" from September 19 to 23. At that time, relevant graduate enrollment units will answer the questions of the majority of candidates online.

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