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Notice of "forecast name" for MBA, MPa and MEM of Shanghai University of technology in 2021

August 6, 2020 15:50      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

MBA, MPa and MEM candidates:

Some MBA, MPa and MEM candidates who participated in the national management joint examination in December 2020 are now interviewed in advance. The list of early interviews will be confirmed with the candidates by telephone and posted online. Please scan the QR code below the notice for registration. Our school will arrange the candidates to interview in advance according to the order of "forecast name".

Special note: whether candidates applying for early interview finally obtain the formal reexamination qualification is based on their single subject scores and total scores reaching the national admission score line respectively; Whether to obtain the admission qualification shall be determined according to the interview results, and according to the comprehensive results, the admission results shall be sorted from high to low. For example, candidates who are not our first choice candidates (i.e. transfer candidates) need to complete the relevant operations according to the prompts after the opening of China graduate enrollment information network ("online transfer of national graduate enrollment examination") from March to April 2021.

1、 Interview batch and time in advance

2021 Shanghai University of technology interview in advance

2、 Form of early interview

The platform selected by our university is Huawei cloud we link (optional nail and zoom). Candidates must install the above two software before participating in the early interview and learn to be familiar with the relevant operation processes.

It is recommended to use a laptop (or desktop + external HD camera) for the exam. Please use wireless broadband or smooth 4G network. When using a mobile phone, you must ensure that the mobile phone has sufficient power.

matters needing attention:

1) Candidates need to be alone in a closed environment, clearly expose their facial features, do not deliberately cover their faces, ears and other parts, and do not wear hats, sunglasses and masks during the interview, so as to ensure identity confirmation and real-time monitoring throughout the interview;

2) No beauty or filter shall be used during the interview. I shall appear in the whole process and shall not leave or be absent without reason;

3) Download and prepare relevant interview remote equipment software in advance;

4) Candidates' remote network equipment shall be stable;

5) During the interview, candidates and other irrelevant personnel outside the school are strictly prohibited from recording and recording the interview process. It is strictly prohibited to upload interview related materials to the network or provide them to relevant training institutions. Once verified, their interview qualification will be cancelled and relevant responsibilities will be investigated;

6) We must strictly abide by the interview supervision requirements and must not resort to fraud, otherwise we will bear the consequences.

3、 Interview content and score in advance

The total score of the early interview is 100 points and the interview time is 20 minutes. The specific contents and scores are as follows:

(1) Spoken English

Self introduction: interactive communication. The examiner asks questions according to the examinee's narration, and the examinee answers in English.

Requirements: clear speech, accurate pronunciation and clear expression.

(2) Personal interview

Test content: mainly examine the candidates' language expression ability, thinking adaptability, professional background, ideological and political quality, language expression and comprehensive ability of professional quality.

The main reference indicators are as follows:

1. Ideological and political quality and moral quality assessment;

2. University learning (academic achievements, awards, etc.);

3. Mastery of basic knowledge and professional knowledge, understanding of the development trend of the discipline, etc;

4. Comprehensive knowledge application ability;

5. Language expression ability, thinking acuity and logical thinking ability;

6. Examination on the application of candidates' professional knowledge and practical ability.

4、 Interview the materials required for "forecast name" in advance

The school will conduct strict qualification examination for all candidates who enter the early interview, and those who do not meet the requirements are not allowed to participate in the interview.

1. Letter of good faith commitment;

2. Valid resident identity document (front and back);

3. Previous candidates must provide the original of undergraduate graduation certificate and degree certificate;

4. Information form of candidates interviewed in advance;

5. In addition to the above materials, candidates for the special plan for retired college student soldiers must also provide the original of the approval for enlistment of citizens and the certificate for withdrawal from active service;

6. Other qualification certificates and awards obtained can be used as supplementary materials.

be careful:

The electronic version of the original qualification certificate (the suffix of the material document can be JPG and PDF) shall be sent to Email address (MBA candidates), Mailbox (MPA candidate), E-mail (MEM candidates), the uploaded data must be clearly visible and identifiable.


Candidates who fail to pass the online student status and academic qualification verification must submit the electronic registration form verified by Xuexin online or the student status and academic qualification verification report issued by the academic qualification certification center of the Ministry of education. Candidates with foreign academic qualifications must issue the certification certificate of teaching and retention service. Those who practice fraud and do not meet the requirements are not allowed to participate in the early interview.

5、 Precautions

1. Candidates should consciously obey the unified arrangement of the examination organization and management department and accept the management, supervision and inspection of the interview teacher. In case of network interruption and other emergencies during the interview, consciously obey the re examination and other arrangements.

2. During the interview, candidates shall consciously perform the obligation of confidentiality. It is strictly prohibited to record and video, and to disclose or release the interview related contents and information in any form. The contents of illegal audio and video recordings in the interview process shall not be adopted in the supervision and reconsideration.

3. During the whole interview, only candidates are allowed to appear in the examination place and in the whole process. They are not allowed to leave halfway and others are not allowed to go in and out. In case of violation, it shall be deemed as cheating.

4. Candidates who violate regulations during the interview shall be dealt with seriously in accordance with relevant regulations once verified, and the interview results in advance shall be cancelled.

6、 Interview "forecast name" qualification in advance

College graduation for 5 years (graduated before September 1, 2016);

Or bachelor degree for 3 years (graduated before September 1, 2018);

Or graduate students have graduated for 2 years (graduated before September 1, 2019).

7、 Follow up matters of "forecast name" interview in advance

Please pay close attention to the information about the follow-up matters of the early interview on the platform and the official website.

Tel: 021-65710178, 65710179

Supervision Tel.: 021-55270716, 55272521

Interview "forecast name" in advance

Application QR code

2021mba Shanghai University of Technology

Interview "forecast name" in advanceApplication deadline: August 15, 2020 (the first batch); August 31, 2020 (the second batch); September 30, 2020 (the third batch)。 Subject to the telephone confirmation from the professional degree center of the school of management, the final interview list in advance shall be subject to the publicity list.

The above interpretation right belongs to the professional degree education center of School of management of Shanghai University of technology.

School of management, Shanghai University of Technology

Professional Degree Education Center

Issued on August 3, 2020

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