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Postgraduate entrance examination dispensing system has been started! Summary of 174 MBA transfer institutions

19:09, May 21, 2020      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Candidates who want to adjust pay attention!

  The online coordination service system for research and recruitment in 2020 will be opened from May 20 to June 30。 According to the requirements of the national regulations on the administration of postgraduate enrollment in 2020, the time for candidates to adjust their volunteers shall be independently set by the enrollment unit, and the maximum time shall not exceed 36 hours; The duration of each opening of the adjustment system by the enrollment unit shall not be less than 12 hours.

  Friendly reminder:

Generally speaking, there are many users in the first 4 hours after the opening of the research and enrollment online adjustment service system. Considering that the adjustment time of each opening of the enrollment unit is not less than 12 hours, it is recommended to stagger the peak registration.

Only by doing your homework before the transfer can you get the quota at the first time,Let's take a look at MBA and other joint examination majors. Which colleges and universities have transfer places in 2020?

Introduction to the hundred day landing of MBA joint examination》Official attack!!!

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