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Shanghai Jiaotong University issued the instructions to candidates for the re examination of postgraduate enrollment in 2020 | the time of the re examination process explanation meeting was determined

April 29, 2020 16:16      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

  Dear Aetna MBA candidates of Jiaotong University

On April 28, the Graduate School of Shanghai Jiaotong University issued the instructions for candidates for the re examination of graduate enrollment of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2020. It is reproduced as follows:

According to the situation of epidemic prevention and control and the requirements of the Ministry of education on enrollment retest, the postgraduate enrollment retest of our university in 2020 will be conducted by means of remote retest. The retest time is expected to be in the first and middle of May, and the specific time will be notified by the enrollment department. Please prepare in advance for the re examination of postgraduate enrollment in our university:

  1、 Equipment and environmental requirements for candidates to participate in remote retest

Please prepare the hardware equipment required for the remote retest in advance, and test according to the requirements notified by the Department before the retest, so as to ensure the normal retest.

1. Equipment for interview: 1 laptop or desktop, camera, microphone and headset.

2. Equipment used to monitor the interview environment: 1 mobile phone or laptop or desktop (with camera).

3. The network is good and can meet the retest requirements.

4. Independent retest room, bright light, quiet, no backlight.

5. The remote retest platform is zoom. Candidates should install and operate it skillfully in advance (download address: )

  2、 Supplies to be prepared by candidates participating in remote retest

1. My second generation ID card.

2. Black signature pen and blank A4 paper.

3. Other examination supplies required by the college.

  3、 Submit relevant materials for retest

be omitted.

  4、 Precautions for candidates participating in remote retest

1. Integrity retest. Carefully read the regulations of the Ministry of education on the administration of national postgraduate enrollment in 2020, the notice on doing a good job of national postgraduate reexamination in 2020, the measures for handling violations of national education examination, the amendment to the criminal law of the people's Republic of China (IX), and the Interim Measures for handling violations of enrollment of general colleges and universities And the relevant recruitment information released by Shanghai Jiaotong University and the College of registration. Be aware of: organizing cheating in national examinations prescribed by law; Providing cheating equipment or other help for others to organize cheating; Illegally selling or providing test questions and answers to others for the purpose of cheating in examinations; The act of taking the exam instead of others or letting others take the exam instead of themselves will violate the criminal law. Candidates who violate regulations in the re examination process will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the regulations once verified, and their admission qualification will be cancelled and recorded in the examinee's examination integrity file. Within 3 months after admission, our university will conduct a comprehensive review of all candidates in accordance with the relevant requirements of the regulations on the administration of students in ordinary colleges and universities. If the student fails to pass the re examination, his student status shall be cancelled; If the circumstances are serious, they shall be transferred to the relevant departments for investigation and handling.

2. The re examination is a part of the national graduate enrollment examination. The re examination content belongs to the state secret level. Audio, video and screen recording are prohibited during the re examination, and it is prohibited to disclose or publish relevant information; Only one candidate is allowed to be in the interview room during the whole re examination, and others are not allowed to enter or leave. In case of violation, it shall be deemed as cheating.

3. Install and debug the equipment as required before the retest. The two devices on the examinee's side turn on the camera, the computer's own camera is aimed at the examinee, and the other computer or mobile phone camera is photographed at 45 ° from behind the examinee. To ensure that the examinee's examination screen can be clearly seen by the retest expert group.

4. Candidates are sitting upright against the camera during the interview. Both hands and head are completely presented in the visible picture of the retest expert.

5. Candidates test equipment and network in advance. Ensure that the power of the equipment is sufficient and the network connection is normal. After the equipment debugging is completed, close the mobile device call, screen recording, external music playing, alarm clock and other applications that may affect the interview.

Click the link: , download the easy operation guide for zoom cloud video conference system for reference.

  Source: Business School of East China University of Technology

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