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[Hua Li Shi said] Fei Hongping: under the epidemic situation, we should not only solve our immediate worries, but also plan for the future!

April 14, 2020 15:37      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Live broadcast, resumption of work... These days are undoubtedly hot search entries for all kinds of media. Of course, this live broadcast is not only the "patent" of Li Jiaqi and Weiya, but also the live broadcast of department stores, real estate enterprises, car enterprises and even catering. Live broadcasting has suddenly become a necessary new skill for the whole people - a new means of online marketing in order to bring goods (of course, teachers also start to be anchor, which will be discussed later); Looking at the resumption of work, from domestic and foreign brands to consumers all over the world are concerned about the resumption of Chinese factories, and governments at all levels and enterprises are also taking various measures to promote the resumption of work, because the global supply chain and market need our enterprises

Whether returning to work or live broadcasting, it is enterprises with difficulties in the epidemic that are looking for a way to survive. In this unexpected crisis, many enterprises have to face the problems of cash flow, supply chain, personnel management, blocked financing and stagnant marketing.

In the short term, on the one hand, we can integrate the existing resources as much as possible and use the available technical means to tide over the difficulties: make maximum use of the available digital resources as soon as possible, so that the operation and management of the enterprise can be carried out online. Under the epidemic situation, the network has become the main place for people to live and communicate. Therefore, communication with the market and relevant stakeholders through the network can maintain the operation and management of the enterprise to a certain extent. Minimize the loss caused by "static" during the epidemic.

In marketing, first of all, we must keep the enterprise's voice, that is, through various network marketing methods, especially social marketing, the market can still hear the voice of enterprises, and maintain the influence of enterprises and brands, such as WeChat tiktok, micro-blog, jitter, etc. Secondly, it uses various online methods, such as live broadcasting with goods and e-commerce, to drive the market. Of course, no matter what method we use, we must not forget that market orientation - understand your customers and stakeholders, and resonate with them!

Every enterprise and everyone is not an island. Symbiosis and mutual assistance with employees, customers and suppliers are also the inevitable choice for enterprises to overcome the difficulties of the epidemic.

In the medium term, the logistics and factory production can be slowly restored through resumption of work to solve the supply problem. What about the long term? This sudden epidemic really gives each of us and every enterprise the opportunity to slow down and think hard. The development of an enterprise is a continuous process. Solving today's problems is for better development tomorrow.

  Therefore, we start with the problem that enterprises want to solve most in this epidemic - cash flow.

Ram Charan once pointed out that if enterprises want to truly create value for customers, they must have business thinking. Business thinking is the ability to grasp the essence of business. Its core includes profit margin, cash flow, return on investment, turnover and growth rate. Having business thinking means knowing how to make money. Among them, RAM Charan specifically mentioned that both large enterprises and street vendors need working capital for business operation. This seems to be understood by everyone now, but it has become a headache for many enterprises when the crisis comes: some small and medium-sized enterprises have little book cash and rely on the rapid growth of income to support their development. The epidemic situation makes everyone start to reflect on the anti risk ability of enterprises. And not just fly in an era of market dividends. What do we need from the long-term development of the enterprise?

For this epidemic, we can't all start to completely transform into digital citizens and start living in the world of second life: the epidemic will weaken in the past... What will happen later?

Trend of external environment change? What will happen to the global supply chain because of this epidemic? In order to deal with uncertainty, what efforts and changes do our enterprises make in the global supply chain?

Digital technology (artificial intelligence, Internet of things, 5g...) is not just live broadcasting and intelligent manufacturing. To realize digital transformation, we need a series of innovative changes in business model, operation model, organizational structure and corporate culture. Live broadcasting, e-commerce and the introduction of intelligent manufacturing production line are just a small start of digitization.

What about our consumers? After the epidemic, are they used to buying online or returning offline? Will it become cautious because of the economic downturn, or will it be closed too long and retaliatory consumption?

What about our suppliers, distributors and various stakeholders? How to form an ecology, so that we and the enterprise are no longer isolated islands, and we can develop together under various environmental situations? Because the composition mechanism of ecology is not just the temporary mutual help of holding together for heating

Therefore, enterprises have to face the change and "invariance" in the development of business environment. It is difficult to make prediction in this changing and uncertain environment only by relying on the existing inertial experience. We need to analyze geographically from multiple perspectives. The use of business methodology undoubtedly provides a good path - just as scientifically understanding the meaning of business thinking and studying and judging the cash flow and risk ability of our own enterprises may enable more small and medium-sized enterprises to increase their sense of security and confidence in the epidemic.

Finally, I want to make complaints about my own lesson. At first, I thought it was simple, but it was really not easy to do it. Fortunately, there was Mr. Ma from our business school and Mr. Cao from Xijiao Liverpool Teaching Innovation Conference... With the help of various technical gods, "occasionally" ask for help from various students. The preparation for online classes is slowly progressing - cross-border joint efforts are so important, and the transformation is really not easy. In this process, will you imagine what the students sitting at the other end of the network want to hear? Is this knowledge explanation what they expect from the Internet? So I promote my continuous improvement... Later, it's hard to say that I can really grow into a learning guide in the flipped classroom! I also hope that we can have more time to discuss the management innovation in the digital development of supply chain, consumers and enterprises

If a man has no near worries, he must have foresight. An epidemic has expanded our near worries, but we still have poetry and distance in our hearts - opportunities are always left to those who are prepared. Therefore, you have accumulated practical experience. We have classical theoretical research. Why not make an appointment to discuss the near worries and future strategies of enterprises under the epidemic situation?

Finally, I would like to quote the lyrics of stay alive, the theme song of Daydreamer, and share with you:

  Dawn is coming open your eyes; Look into the sun as a new days rise!

  Dr Fei Hongping, associate professor, School of business, East China University of technology, executive director, deputy secretary general and Secretary General of Teaching Professional Committee of China Marketing Research Association of colleges and universities.

  Source: Business School of East China University of Technology

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