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Under the epidemic situation, what method will the postgraduate entrance examination retest take?

February 7, 2020 17:23      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Affected by the new pneumonia virus, according to the announcement issued by the Ministry of education on February 3, it has been made clear that the admission of the postgraduate entrance examination will be postponed, and the specific arrangement of the retest will be determined according to the epidemic prevention and control in different regions.

At present, Northwestern University, Northwestern University of political science and law and other colleges and universities have postponed the publication time of the preliminary test results. Whether other schools will postpone the publication time of the preliminary test results depends on the control of the epidemic situation and the official notice. We will also inform you of any new developments in time.

However, the retest will be carried out, but it may take a "special way".

This year's form is similar to the SARS situation 17 years ago. It is not ruled out that some schools will continue to adopt some of the practices of those schools. According to the information collected by Xiaobian, the response measures of each school during SARS in 2003 are as follows. Candidates can refer to it and prepare in advance:

  (1) Telephone interview

In 2003, the network was not so developed. Telephone oral examination has become the main way for many universities to choose for postgraduate reexamination.

The specific method is that several retest tutors sit in front of the telephone, press hands-free after connecting the phone, and record the whole process. In addition to this telephone oral test, they will also give students a written test after the beginning of school. For example: Beijing Broadcasting Institute, Beijing University of science and technology

  (2) Network retest

It's not the current network video. It wasn't so developed at that time. The test questions need to be published on the Internet within the time specified by the school, and then the candidates need to write academic papers within the specified time.

The school will give priority to students with academic achievements. For example: China University of political science and law

  (3) TV telephone system interview

The teleconference system of the Ministry of education is used in the teleconference, which is the way many schools choose to adopt.

Another way is to use network video. Although the network speed is not as fast as now and the quality is not as good as now, many schools choose this way.

No matter what form of retest, it will be held, and the school will strengthen the investigation. Even if it is delayed, people can learn more days. I hope it won't be an excuse for you to delay the start.

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