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In these five cases, there is no need to adjust and prepare for World War II as soon as possible!

December 31, 2019 11:59      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Transfer refers to the candidates who have passed the preliminary examination score line designated by the state, have the re examination qualification and have no re examination opportunity in the first voluntary school, and convey their relevant information and brief introduction to the colleges and universities with insufficient students of relevant majors. After assessment, the school will issue an interview notice to the qualified candidates, and issue a "file adjustment notice" to the candidates' first volunteer school. It is a procedure for the candidates to enter the school after passing the re examination.

Not all candidates can participate in the transfer. If you encounter the following situations, prepare for World War II as soon as possible!

  1. Not crossing the national line

There are three situations:

① The total score has crossed the line, but the single subject has not crossed the line and cannot be adjusted

② There's no national line in zone B. it must be impossible to adjust

③ If the score has passed zone B and the national line has not passed zone a, zone B can be adjusted and zone a cannot be adjusted

  2. Management joint examination majors can only be transferred to each other

Candidates who apply for master's degrees in business administration, public administration, tourism management, engineering management, accounting, library and information and audit can adjust each other, but they shall not transfer to other majors; Candidates of other majors shall not be transferred to the above seven majors. If you have more work experience, you can also challenge EMBA transfer.

  3. Part time cannot be transferred to full-time

The source of full-time students is basically saturated, and it is basically unrealistic to transfer part-time students to full-time students.

Full time can be transferred to part-time.

  4. Professional master and academic master

Generally speaking, the special master cannot be transferred to the special master (some special masters can be transferred because the public course examination is the same as the special master). At the same time, the special master must pass the special master line.

  5. The school expressly stipulates

Some colleges and universities clearly stipulate that they do not accept the transfer of candidates. Most 985 colleges and universities and some 211 colleges and universities do not accept transfer. Specifically, we should pay attention to the announcement of school re examination.

In addition, some schools and some majors only accept intra school transfers, and other candidates cannot participate in the transfer of this school.

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