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How to double the review efficiency with the remaining time in the preliminary exam on Saturday?

December 18, 2019 16:16      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Time really flies. In the twinkling of an eye, there will be an exam this Saturday. In the remaining few days, as long as the method is appropriate, there is still considerable room for improvement.

  1. Pre examination summary: framework method + topic method

Review the knowledge points before the examination, summarize and sort out the knowledge, and review the key contents.

Make the content of each chapter into a frame diagram and print it out. Some other key knowledge points are added to the blank area on the figure by handwriting. Put some frame diagrams with strong content relevance together to form a topic, and then list the common test points in this topic.

  2. Compression cycle

For the knowledge content that has not been reviewed or has not been reviewed well, it is necessary to compress the 5-day review cycle.

Sort out the remaining review tasks, and then make a new review schedule based on the five-day cycle. The compressed review schedule will make people have a stronger sense of urgency and review efficiency. Even if I can't finish the task in these five days, it's not far away. Moreover, with an additional round of review in five days, our confidence will be more sufficient.

  3. Review mine clearance

Through the wrong questions, notes or notes made in the book when reading, find out the missed questions or ambiguous knowledge points so far.

For wrong questions, you can understand the questions in combination with analysis and relevant knowledge points, know the reasons for your mistakes, and find similar questions for practice. For ambiguous knowledge points, remember more and recite more.

  4. Do questions appropriately

At this stage, we are not recommended to brush questions, but in order to maintain the sense of questions, we still need to do some questions appropriately. Proper questions can also make the brain pay more attention.

When doing questions, we must pinch the table and calculate the time, strictly meet the time requirements of the examination room, and even be more strict.

As long as you can improve your efficiency and confidence, it is a good method! In the last four days, we should also actively adjust our mentality and don't put too much pressure on ourselves.

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