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Must read before the exam - Emergency Strategies for emergencies in the exam room to help you get ashore successfully

December 18, 2019 15:59      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Sometimes the review effect is not directly proportional to the actual examination room. The postgraduate entrance examination is only once a year. What if you encounter some emergencies on the day of the examination?

  1. What if I catch a cold?

Be sure to keep warm and take medicine on time!

Take commonly used drugs according to the instructions, preferably Chinese patent medicine, and do not choose drugs with drowsiness side effects, especially "drugs with anti allergic ingredients".

  2. Traffic jam?

I believe you will be well prepared to avoid traffic jams. If you really encounter a traffic jam, you can ask the traffic police for help. If you encounter a traffic jam by bus, you can get off halfway, take a taxi, ride a bike or other means of transportation, or ask the traffic police for help.

  3. What about carsickness?

Breakfast can be divided into two parts. Get up early, eat a pad first, take it with you when you leave, go to the vicinity of the examination room and completely solve the breakfast again.

If carsickness is serious, you'd better prepare carsickness medicine.

  4. Hurt on the road?

If the examination room is close, pay attention to the children's shoes when walking! Go out a little earlier and leave enough time.

Be careful when crossing the road. Don't run the red light or take the sidewalk or underpass.

If you are injured in an accident and you are still able to move, immediately stop a taxi to the examination room. There will be ambulances near the examination room; if you have difficulty in moving, call 120 as soon as possible or ask the special patrol police and passers-by for help.

  5. The admission card is missing?

If the admission ticket is lost, you should immediately ask the teacher and print it at the printing shop nearest to the examination room. You can directly log in to the research and recruitment website, log in and download it, and then print it.

But to be on the safe side, the cute ones must print more copies of the admission ticket and put them in different places; save one in the mobile phone, one in the USB flash drive and one in the mailbox; it's also best to take the USB flash drive with you on the day of the exam. You can also send one to the students who don't take the exam and save it for yourself, because if you take the exam, you may be too nervous to forget to exist where.

  6. Can't find the examination room?

Under normal circumstances, you can go to the examination place and get familiar with the examination room one or two days before the examination.

Familiar with the contents of the examination room include: how far is the examination room from the place where you live? What transportation mode is faster and safer? How long does it take on the road? In which classroom? In which seat? Where are the toilets, shops and other service facilities?

If you can't find the examination room, you can ask the teacher (there will be many teachers in the examination room and at the gate of the initial examination) for help.

  7. Stationery is missing?

The day before the exam, you'd better check your admission card, ID card and stationery, and check it again before you go out: like 2B pencil, neutral pen, eraser, ruler, etc.

In addition, prepare a set of comfortable, loose and breathable clothes. Prepare a watch. If it is not allowed to take it on the admission certificate, don't take it. Prepare enough food, transportation cash and umbrellas.

If the test center provides stationery, even if you forget to bring it, you are not afraid. If you need to prepare it yourself, you can borrow it from surplus students or buy it in a shop near the test center.

If you have entered the examination room, you should ask the invigilator for help.

  8. Too nervous, headache?

If you have neurovascular tension headache due to mental tension and excessive use of the brain, that is, intermittent pain in the temples on both sides, or other discomfort, and the situation is serious, you should seek help from the invigilator in time!

  9. Is there a problem with the test paper?

After getting the test paper, don't rush to fill in personal information. First check whether the test paper is complete and whether it is missing or damaged.

If yes, raise your hand to the invigilator immediately. If it is an unintentionally soiled or damaged test paper and answer card, you can apply to the invigilator for spare test paper and answer card; if it is found that the defective test paper needs to be replaced after the test starts, it will be more troublesome.

  10. Blank mind in the process of doing questions

If your mind is blank when you get the test paper, you can overcome your tension through strong psychological hints.

Be specific, brief and positive, such as "I'm ready for this day", "I'm in a good spirit, clear headed and quick thinking today, and I will certainly get good results in the exam", "there's no need to be nervous in the face of these problems", or you can pause your memory, transfer your attention, solve other problems first, and maybe the required answers will be recalled after a certain time.

If you feel sleepy when answering questions, you should keep your spirit and energy, focus on the test questions, and the "sleepiness" will soon pass.

Now, start to adjust your biological clock and arrange your work and rest according to the test time. The time of the test will become the most exciting time for the brain and the best spirit.

If you encounter new problems and problems beyond the scope, you can calmly review the textbook knowledge and think about which chapter the topic should belong to, what key points of knowledge this chapter has and what key points the topic belongs to.

  11. The answer sheet is wrong

During the exam, you must look at the answer card carefully. It's no point to put the answer on your head!

During the exam, children's shoes painted answer cards after completing some questions, wrote down their uncertain options and answers on the draft paper, and changed them later, so as to avoid major mistakes of not having enough time to fill in the answer cards.

In addition, at the beginning of each exam, as soon as the answer card is issued, fill in the name and test number of the answer card first. When filling in, be sure to pay attention to that the parts that need to be written, such as the name, must be filled in with a black signature pen, and the digital part must be filled in with 2B pencil!

  12. Exam, physical discomfort?

If you feel uncomfortable in the examination room, you should explain to the invigilator in time and don't hold on; if someone else has a situation similar to fainting, there will be teachers and doctors to deal with it. You must not be affected. If it doesn't happen, concentrate and answer the questions seriously.

  13. Forgot to write your name?

During the examination, the invigilator will remind you to fill in your name and admission card for many times.

If you still forget to sign, you should raise your hand and report to the invigilator immediately. Write immediately after you get the consent. You must not write automatically, otherwise you will be misunderstood as cheating by the teacher!

  14. No place to rest at noon?

After the exam at 11:30 a.m. and the exam starts at 14:00 p.m., how do you spend more than two hours in the middle?

If you take an exam in your school or book a hotel near the test site, you can go back and have a good rest and take a nap.

If you live far away, find a suitable place to rest in the school, such as self-study room, library or cafe. Some schools will also provide candidates with rest. You should pay attention to the notice of examination room arrangement of each university.

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