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Please note: the four major changes in the re examination of the postgraduate entrance examination in 2019 should be kept in mind

11:30, March 19, 2019      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Note to all candidates who are preparing to participate in the transfer in 2019, the national regulations on the administration of postgraduate enrollment in 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") has made more specific provisions on the transfer measures of the enrollment unit: the enrollment unit shall formulate the transfer measures of this unit (including its affiliated colleges, departments and institutes) in accordance with the relevant policies of the Ministry of education, and specify the time of receiving the transfer of candidates The basic requirements, working procedures, adjustment and re examination methods, contact number and other information shall be published in advance in the "national master enrollment adjustment service system" and the website of the unit.

In addition, there are other changes in this year's adjustment and retest policy. Let's listen to the Xiaobian's introduction one by one.

The regulations require that the enrollment unit open the adjustment system for each timeNot less than 12 hours: candidates should pay close attention to the time when the enrollment unit opens the adjustment system. If the planned balance information is released, they should fill in the adjustment volunteer in time.

The regulations point out that after the Ministry of Education announces the basic requirements for candidates to enter the retest (national line), candidates can adjust the service system through the "research and recruitment network"Understand the adjustment methods and planned balance information of the enrollment unit, we also need to pay attention to the adjustment application conditions of enrollment units.

The regulations also require that the enrollment unit shall be responsible for the transfer of candidates who apply for the same major and the same preliminary examination subjects of the same enrollment unitThe list of candidates for the second round examination shall be selected according to the candidates' preliminary examination results; Non academic standards such as the time sequence of candidates' submission of transfer volunteers shall not be simply used as the basis for selection.

The regulations also make it clear that from 2019, the preliminary examination permit is required during the re examination of research and recruitment. Remind everyone to look for the previously saved admission ticket in advance for the retest.From March 1 to April 30, has re opened the download of examinee's admission ticket.

In addition, candidates need to pay attention to:

According to the regulations of the adjustment service system in previous years, the locking time of candidates' adjustment volunteers is independently set by the enrollment unit,Up to 36 hours

Generally speaking, there are many users in the first 4 hours after the online dispensing service system is opened. Considering the opening time of dispensingNot less than 12 hours, I suggest you stagger the peak registration.

Let's take a look at how to handle online dispensing in four steps!

  Step 1: query plan balance information

Candidates should carefully read the adjustment methods published by each enrollment unit in its college information column and other channels, and open the research and enrollment network( the home page, log in to the adjustment system with the Xuexin account, query the professional plan balance information of each enrollment unit, and pay special attention to the adjustment application conditions of enrollment units.

Note: please keep your account and password!!!

  Step 2: fill in the transfer volunteer form

In the planned balance information list, candidates select the corresponding enrollment unit and professional research direction, and click apply to fill in the transfer volunteer,You can fill in three parallel transfers at a time, each adjustment volunteer will be locked by the enrollment unit after submission, and the locking time will be independently set by each enrollment unit, with a maximum of 36 hours.

  Step 3: participate in the retest

If candidates receive the re examination notice sent by the enrollment unit, they must reply whether they agree to participate in the re examination within the time specified by the enrollment unit. Candidates who fail the re examination can still continue to fill in other transfer volunteers.

  Step 4: wait for the admission notice

After receiving the notice to be admitted sent by the enrollment unit, candidates must log in to the adjustment system for confirmation within the time specified by the enrollment unit, otherwise the enrollment unit can cancel the notice to be admitted. Confirm that the information is correct. After accepting the admission notice, you can safely wait for the admission notice!

  Reminder:Each retest informs the examinee that there is only one chance to accept or reject. Please choose carefully. Candidates who have been to be admitted cannot operate the retest notice. Candidates can only accept one transfer volunteer to be admitted. Once they accept the notice to be admitted, it means that the transfer is completed. They can no longer fill in the transfer volunteer, accept the retest or the notice to be admitted. Please carefully choose whether to accept the notice to be admitted!

  Attachment: flow chart of online adjustment of national postgraduate enrollment in 2019

Finally, I wish everyone a smooth adjustment and a successful retest!

* source WeChat official account "East China University of Science and Technology MBA"

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