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Notice on transfer of colleges and universities in Shanghai (under update)

March 14, 2019 11:03      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Notice of Shanghai University of technology on 2019mba transfer and retest

Official website:

MBA program receives the national transfer notice in 2019: ID=17&InfoId=1477

In 2019, Shanghai University of technology accepted the transfer major (part-time / full-time) of the joint examination of management: MBA (part / all), MPa (part), MEM (part / all) of engineering management and MPAcc (non) of master of accounting.

Candidates' scores in the joint examination have reached the national line and above.

Notice of MBA reexamination in 2019:

Notice on 2019mba pre adjustment retest of Shanghai University of international business and Economics

Official website:

Tel: (021) 52067665

Details of MBA transfer information of Shanghai University of international business and Economics:

1、 Date and place of adjustment and retest

1. Date schedule:

In addition, in order to better facilitate the majority of candidates, retest sessions will be added according to the situation after the end of March. Candidates can contact the MBA education center to make an appointment for the retest.

2. Re examination place: MBA education center of Gubei campus of Shanghai University of international business and Economics (the specific arrangement on the day of re examination will be notified separately).

2、 Adjustment retest content

The adjustment retest mainly examines the comprehensive quality of candidates from the aspects of English level, management ability, communication ability, analysis ability, adaptability and teamwork.   

Notice of Shanghai Foreign Studies University on 2019mba transfer and reexamination

Official website:

Details of MBA transfer information of Shanghai Foreign Studies University: one thousand four hundred and seventy-one

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