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MBA interviewer's most annoying way of answering questions. Be careful not to step on thunder

18:23, July 5, 2018      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

If you want to pass the MBA interview easily, the examiner is the primary strategic object of candidates. Knowing yourself and the other side can be invincible. Understanding the preferences of examiners is the first step towards success. So do you know the five most annoying answer methods of examiners in MBA interview? be careful! Don't step on thunder!

   1. Don't repeat the last sentence

During the interview, some candidates will have blank heads and short-circuit thinking due to extreme tension. In order to avoid vacancy, many candidates will unconsciously repeat the last sentence or the last few words. Although they make up for their short-circuit thinking and win time for thinking for the next sentence, they will make the examiner feel very uncomfortable, Even produce impatience. To overcome this habit, it is suggested to replace repetition with pause. Think well and say it completely. Just like the leader's speech, although the speech speed is very slow and the pause is very long, the listener is happy.

   2. Don't "bombard"

"Continuous shooting" speech will increase the fun of life and activate the atmosphere in the usual chat, but it is really a taboo in the interview. What is needed in a quiet examination room is a harmonious atmosphere. The "continuous shooting" expression will not only make the sense of communication between the examinee and the examiner lost, but also give the examiner a sense of oppression, and sometimes give people the illusion of "like beating chicken blood". Unequal dialogue naturally has no ideal effect.

   3. Don't "recite"

If the "continuous fire" is too strong in momentum, then the "recitation" is also a performance of ignoring the examiner, but it is "not distracted". Due to nervousness, the examinee tries to recall the outline constructed in his brain when answering, resulting in no communication between the examinee's eyes and the examiner, turning up, down or left and right, avoiding the examiner's eyes. This brings an immature performance to the examiner, like a student reciting lessons, rather than an adult with independent thinking.

   4. Don't be "fussy"

Perfectionists usually have high requirements for themselves. Such candidates are also common in the examination room. First, they are confused in thinking. When answering comprehensive analysis questions, they talk about meaning and countermeasures, and then talk about meaning after countermeasures. It seems that they have everything, but they lack logic. The second performance is that there is no concept of time. Many candidates will not choose to finish quickly until they are reminded of the time, but will answer them in a leisurely manner until the examiner calls a stop. This result destroys the integrity of the answer, and there is no doubt that the score will be reduced.

   5. Don't be "cynical"

Under the condition of excessive tension, some candidates' performance is too cramped or even stiff, but some candidates try to relax their limbs or expressions to alleviate their tension, but they are counterproductive. Small actions such as raising eyebrows, glancing at the examiner, shaking legs and turning the pen are also common, which will directly make the examiner feel that the candidate's attitude is not correct, despises the examination room and does not respect the examiner, Reduce impression score.

The above are the five answers that the examiner dislikes most during the interview. We must try our best to avoid them!

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