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MBA postgraduate entrance examination: when reviewing English, we should learn how to divide the knowledge into stages

June 19, 2018 11:02      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

With the passage of time, I believe candidates who want to take this year's exam should have started to review. So far, to what extent should the single subject of English in the postgraduate entrance examination of 2019mba be reviewed? Let's take a look today.

  Basic stage

We all know that preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination needs to have a clear plan and arrangement, so the first review stage is called the basic stage. In particular, English pays special attention to the foundation. We should fully English in the basic stage, so that we can go more and more smoothly in the later review process.

  Progress of memorizing words

The basic stage requires students to memorize words and lay a foundation. The number of words must exceed 5500. Although this number is not large, how to remember them accurately is a problem we should think carefully. It is suggested that students use the method of root affixes to memorize words, which can not only shorten the time of memorizing words, but also improve the accuracy of memorizing words.

Many students will find that they feel more and more that the meaning of each word is particularly similar or even the same. It is obvious that they do not use a reasonable way to distinguish the meaning of words when they begin to memorize words, which will affect the score of questions in the later stage

  Grammar progress

In addition, the postgraduate entrance examination English also needs to review grammar. Every student thinks that grammar is the most difficult content in English and the content they want to avoid most. However, in fact, in postgraduate entrance examination English, we only require students to use correct morphology and syntax to divide sentence components, that is, the long and difficult sentences we see in the test questions. When should these two items be completed?

From the students' review of the postgraduate entrance examination to the summer vacation this year, it is called the basic stage, that is, to complete the review of words and grammar. Up to may now, 5500 words have to be reviewed at least once and the second review has begun. Some students with good foundation and high learning efficiency may have memorized the words twice or even more. For grammar, the students have mastered the basic morphology and syntax, and began to analyze long and difficult sentences and master special sentence patterns.

If the morphology and syntax are not mastered, the students need to further understand rather than memorize by rote. When analyzing sentences, it is suggested that students find the real questions of postgraduate entrance examination over the years, take the real questions as the foothold, select sentences with more than 28 words for analysis, and correct and check the deficiencies and make up the omissions according to the correct answers. If you complete the review of these two contents, you can sort out and summarize the contents of the basic stage, grasp the high-frequency vocabulary of postgraduate entrance examination English, understand the correct structure of long and difficult sentences, and you can make a smooth transition to the review of question answering skills in the second stage.

Finally, I hope students should pay attention to the combination of work and rest in the review process, so as to achieve the best review.

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