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Five review skills for MBA preparation in 2019

June 14, 2018 10:29      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Now the social employment pressure is increasing and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Many office workers want to urgently improve their competition. Many people want to continue their further study because they can get a further rise in their jobs and improve their professional skills, and on-the-job graduate students are more and more popular with office workers, includingManagement joint examinationIt is a double certificate graduate student, so there are more candidates.

So how should candidates review?

1. Determine the institutions to apply for

Before applying for the examination, candidates must choose the major they apply for and the school suitable for them, and choose comparison in many aspects. Look at the introduction and enrollment brochures of colleges and universities, analyze the geographical location of the school, and be sure to choose the one close to them, which can give consideration to both study and work, and set the target colleges and universities, so that examinees can better prepare for the examination.   

2. Develop schedule

As on-the-job personnel, their own learning time is not very sufficient. Candidates should formulate an appropriate schedule, take into account work and learning, make full use of their learning time, and then carefully review and prepare for the exam according to the schedule, divide the daily review tasks into small parts, from easy to difficult, and memorize the test knowledge points. Make the most of your spare time to review and prepare for the exam.

3. Focused review

The time of on-the-job personnel is relatively tight, so the learning efficiency must be high. In the test preparation stage, they should review the test preparation with emphasis, and review according to the key and difficult points of the test. Don't waste your time on non key and non essential test contents. You don't have to cover everything. Take more time for important test sites, and candidates only need to know about unimportant test sites.

4. Learn to understand memory

Memory is the key. Understanding memory is very important. Only by understanding can we really remember these key points. Some examinees often complain that they can't remember how to recite every day. If they want to memorize knowledge points quickly and accurately, they need to understand the content to be recited. If they recite memory on the basis of understanding, the speed and accuracy of memory will be improved.

5. Using real questions over the years

We know that when preparing for the exam, the value of real questions is very high. The types of questions in real questions can help candidates quickly adapt to the type and difficulty of the exam. It is a great help to improve the level of on-the-job graduate candidates, and the practice results of real questions can often reflect the candidates' test preparation results. Candidates must collect real questions, summarize the law and direction of the questions when doing the real questions, and pay attention to the high-frequency test sites over the years, so as to better prepare for the test and improve the efficiency of doing the questions.

There are many methods and plans for on-the-job graduate students to prepare for the exam. They must choose what is suitable for them, give full play to their preparation time, improve the preparation efficiency and achieve the purpose of efficient review.

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