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Note that the candidates of the 10th 18th MBA class cannot participate in the transfer

March 30, 2018 10:09      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

For the MBA postgraduate entrance examination party, the adjustment is not only about character, but also an in-depth analysis of individuals and colleges. It still needs some ability to successfully adjust to the ideal colleges and majors.

However, adjustment is not looking for a needle in a haystack. Excluding the standards you do not meet first will save you a lot of valuable time. Let's talk about ten situations that cannot be adjusted.

  1、 Not crossing the national line

1. If you have not crossed the score line of zone a but have crossed the score line of zone B, you can transfer the institutions in zone B, but you cannot transfer the institutions in zone a.

2. If you fail to pass the score line in zone B, you can't adjust.

3. The total score exceeds the national line, but the single subject line has not passed and cannot be adjusted.

  2、 Professional master and academic master

1. Generally speaking, a master's degree cannot be adjusted to a master's degree.

2. To transfer a master's degree to a master's degree, you need to exceed the national line of master's degree.

  3、 There is a big difference between the transferred major and the registered major

There is a big difference between the transferred major and the registered major, and there is no correlation. For example, the candidate's registered college is philosophy, but it is not feasible to transfer to the engineering major.

Generally, the similar majors of postgraduate entrance examination and adjustment refer to the majors with the same top four professional codes of the registered major and the adjustment major. However, it does not rule out that some majors in some colleges and universities can be adjusted across disciplines. For example, English majors can adjust subject teaching (English). The specific requirements of relevant schools shall prevail.

  4、 Seven majors cannot be adjusted

Graduates majoring in industry and commerce, public affairs, tourism, engineering, accounting, library and information and audit shall not be transferred to other majors; Candidates of other majors shall not be transferred to the above seven majors. But these seven majors can adjust each other.

  5、 Law and law

Candidates of other majors shall not be transferred to master of law (non law) majors, and students of master of law (non law) majors shall not be transferred to other majors.

  6、 Minority backbone plan

Candidates who participate in the "backbone program for ethnic minorities" shall not be transferred to admission outside the program, and candidates who do not apply for the examination shall not participate in the transfer to admission under the program.

  7、 Strong army plan and Tibet assistance plan

Candidates participating in the separate examination, including the strong army plan and the Tibet assistance plan, shall not be transferred.

  8、 Master of clinical medicine

Candidates applying for other majors shall not be transferred to the professional degree of clinical medicine, but the professional degree of clinical medicine can be transferred to other majors according to policies.

  9、 Part time cannot be transferred to full-time

The source of full-time students is basically saturated, and it is basically unrealistic to transfer part-time students to full-time students. However, some full-time majors can be transferred to part-time ones.

  10、 The school has special requirements

Some schools require undergraduate students to be 985 and 211 candidates. (this is required in part 985 and 211) attention should be paid to when adjusting. Finally, if you pass the re examination of the first voluntary college, you will naturally not be able to participate in the adjustment.

Bonus benefits - adjustment skills

1. Check the schools that have been transferred in the previous two years. This can be found through online query and all recorded in their own notebooks. You can log in to the national MBA dispensing service center to view the latest dispensing information, and call 400 600 9288 for free.

2. Review the transfer requirements of these schools in previous years for comments and screening.

3. Call and email every school willing to accept the transfer. Whatever their attitude, we must be polite.

4. Don't just focus on the adjustment information on the research and recruitment website. You should also always pay attention to the official website of your intended school.

5. Pay attention to the high quality student plan of some schools. Students who have achieved good results in the postgraduate entrance examination must seize this rare opportunity

6. Don't forget to prepare for the retest when querying information.

7. Don't be limited to your postgraduate entrance examination direction. Undergraduate majors can also help you.

  • Source: Sina blog of on the job graduate examination website

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