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Collect MBA adjustment methods and skills

March 19, 2018 14:09      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

1. Ways to strive for adjustment:

(1) Make sure your score line is the score line in that area, category A, B and C, so as to be targeted. If your score is not enough for class A at all, target class B and class C.

(2) When registering for the examination, candidates should pay attention to which units recruit students for the major in the country and which units recruit students for the entrance examination subject in the country, so as to adjust the admission.

(3) After knowing that your score has reached the score line, you should often contact the recruitment office of the enrollment unit to know whether you can be admitted as soon as possible. If you can't be admitted, please contact the research and recruitment office of the above unit as soon as possible to see which unit can accept you. If there is a preferred receiving unit, you should timely indicate your transfer intention to the unit, and ask the research and recruitment office of the unit to send a letter in time to contact the enrollment unit where your application materials are located (generally the research and recruitment office of the first volunteer you apply for) to obtain your application materials. During the material forwarding period, candidates should often contact the two enrollment units to understand the sending and receiving of materials.

(4) In recent years, the re examination score line determined by the Ministry of education has reduced the requirements for candidates from eight remote provinces and regions (Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu, Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou) and some special disciplines. Candidates should often contact the research and recruitment office to find out the determination of the retest score line by the Ministry of education as soon as possible. If their initial test score does not reach the retest score line of the first volunteer, but reaches the retest score line of eight remote provinces and regions, candidates can timely contact the research and recruitment office of enrollment units in eight remote provinces and regions with their own professional enrollment by telephone or postal express, See if they are willing to accept it. If they agree to accept it, immediately contact the original registration unit and transfer the registration materials to the research and recruitment office of the unit receiving your enrollment according to the prescribed procedures. Then, participate in the re examination at the time required by the research and recruitment office of the receiving unit.

2. Dispensing skills

(1) Ask about the ranking. After the score comes out, you should actively inquire about your ranking and determine whether you can enter the retest as soon as possible, so as not to delay the adjustment time. Many people just think their scores are good, and there must be no problem in the retest. As a result, they were crowded down by others in the end, and it was too late to adjust.

(2) Cast a wide net. I'd rather choose from several schools in the future than tie myself to a tree. Ask the recruitment office of the school they are applying for whether they can recommend transfer (this is the obligation of the first volunteer unit, but many schools have not fulfilled it because there are too many people). If it is natural, it will have a better chance. Transfer information will be specially released on many websites in March and April, such as MBA, postgraduate entrance, Sina, Sohu and other websites. Generally, the information published is also more authentic and credible. Also, you can inquire through your network. If you have friends and classmates in a school, you can ask them to inquire for you. If your alma mater's teachers have contact with any school, you can ask them to recommend it. If you meet the transfer conditions of those schools, you can immediately contact by telephone or letter. Pay attention to the deadline. Be sure to send the required materials before the deadline. It's too late, even if you're excellent. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity.

(3) Take the initiative. The information published on the Internet is well known, so everyone will strive for adjustment, and the intensity is imaginable. Unless you are excellent in your initial test score or other aspects, you don't have much hope. Transfer is different from public recruitment. A lot of information is gray and uncertain. It is not that the school deliberately conceals, but that the school does not know whether it will need to be transferred before the candidate is finally determined. Therefore, you need to actively inquire.

(4) Telephone consultation. It is recommended to contact by telephone when consulting. Letters and emails take more time, and the recruitment office is usually busy at this time. People don't have time to reply to you. Unless he wants you to write it. Moreover, the email addresses of some schools have long been invalidated before they can be updated. If you still write email, it must be a waste of time.

(5) Indomitable. Many schools actually need to adjust, but they don't publish it publicly, which requires you to grind it with your mouth. You can talk politely. If the other party doesn't adjust, he will tell you directly. Generally, the tone is very hard, the attitude is very cold, and hang up immediately after saying that. If he doesn't refuse directly, but asks about your score and so on, and his tone is not very hard, it may prove promising. You can take the initiative to introduce your situation. Without violating the principles, you can exaggerate yourself appropriately. It's no problem. Believe that you are excellent! You'd better take the initiative to send materials. Even if the other party says "little hope", you don't lose heart. You must find out the address, and then send materials to the other party.

(6) Adjust your mind. Waiting for re examination and adjustment is very painful. We must face it with a good attitude. First think about the worst case, but I can't pass the exam. I'll come back next year! As long as you still have this goal in mind, stick to it and you will achieve it! Then think about your strengths and give yourself confidence. Don't always think about this and that. The left one is "what if..." and the right one is "what if...". After thinking about it, you can only "destroy your prestige" in the end. You fall first before the end. It's meaningless to think too much. Do what you should do. I believe there will be good news! If you are in a bad mood, talk to your friends and family, pour out your troubles, and everyone will give you support and encouragement.

(7) Targeted. Some people will ask, do you want to call every school in the country? Of course, there are trade-offs. For example, if you want to study in Beijing, focus on schools in Beijing. Schools in other areas generally don't consider it unless they are sure. After the location is determined, the school will be determined. If you take the liberal arts test, then liberal arts colleges and comprehensive universities are relatively full at this time, that is, a third rate liberal arts school is likely to be full. Therefore, consider trying the liberal arts direction of science colleges, because the liberal arts of such schools generally report fewer people and know fewer people. Of course, the liberal arts of these schools are certainly not as good as comprehensive and liberal arts universities, but at least the schools are good, and it's still worth reading. The students in the conditioning department should know where to tune.

(8) Pay attention to your alma mater and the original school. These two places are actually the most guaranteed places. Alma mater has feelings for their students. Even if they are full, they can consider adjusting you. It would be better if we passed the relationship with our former teachers. The original registered school may not be full of all majors. If there are other majors to adjust, priority must be given to the students who are the first to volunteer to register for the school.

(9) Go to the adjustment institution in person. After saying hello to the situation, we can generally determine the number of schools that want to be transferred. You can prepare the materials and send them right away. But you'd better send the materials yourself.

When you arrive at the relevant departments of the school, you can learn more about the major of the school from the teacher. Also, remember to sell yourself more and impress the teacher. In the materials, we should not only write down the situation, but also highlight our own advantages and strengths. Many people just leave as soon as they hand in the materials. Unexpectedly, some teachers change their hands and put your materials in a corner, which they will never pay attention to again. Be sure to put it in a special place and tell you how to wait for notice and how to contact. If he doesn't say, you have to offer. Ask more questions and try to improve the chances of being admitted.

  • Source: Sina blog of Xueyuan Education

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