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Three reasons for the failure of MBA candidates over the years

March 2, 2018 15:22      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

For many students, the adjustment of postgraduate entrance examination is unwilling to face. However, I have to admit that the adjustment of postgraduate entrance examination is a bold breakthrough and attempt. Since it is a breakthrough and attempt, there are successes and failures. Although the failures are often due to mechanical factors, by counting the failed cups over the years, we can still find some typical cases to give some enlightenment to the students participating in the adjustment of postgraduate entrance examination.

  One cup: negative attitude

Xiao Wang was arrogant. As soon as he entered school, he had made a volunteer to be a graduate student of a well-known 985 University. When he studied his professional courses hard, he also took time to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination in advance and had high expectations for his strength. However, he was only a few points away from the target university in the initial test, which caused a great blow to him. He was depressed all day. He began to adjust blindly and negatively without good preparation. After that, he didn't even win the opportunity of adjustment.

Expert warmth tips: most of the postgraduate entrance examination students have invested a year or more to prepare for the exam. Therefore, when they know that the initial exam results are not ideal, they will certainly have a feeling of loss, which we should solve in time. Since you have chosen to adjust, it shows that you still have a certain degree of persistence in going to graduate school. Maintaining full enthusiasm and enthusiasm to face it is the positive solution.

  Cup 2: lack of message blocking skills

Li's understanding of the postgraduate entrance examination is only to study the online adjustment platform. Although he has prepared the psychological preparation for dispensing, what he does every day is to keep up with the platform to refresh the information. It is not clear that the voluntary delivery principle of the dispensing platform is very confusing to fill in the volunteer, though it has been adjusted successfully, but with his score, it can be adjusted to a better school. Looking at the students whose grades were not as good as their own, Li regretted that he went to a school much better than himself.

Warm tips from experts: the preparation work in the early stage of transfer is very important. We should not only pay attention to the released transfer information, but also collect more information about the number of transfer places in previous years, and call the radio research recruitment office to communicate relevant matters as soon as possible. Don't wait for opportunities to come to you, but take the initiative to look for opportunities. The adjustment is time war and information war. Passively, it's better to attack faster and more effective.

  Cup 3: lack of preparation

Xiao Zhang successfully obtained the transfer quota through the transfer. While breathing a sigh of relief, Xiao Zhang had the wrong idea that "if the transfer is successful, there must be going to school". After playing happily for two weeks, he began to lazily prepare for the retest. Unexpectedly, the competition between the transfer target colleges and universities this year is very fierce. There are many high-quality students from the first volunteer 985 colleges and universities. He was negligent in preparation, I didn't expect to lose the list.

Expert warm tips: no matter whether the transfer or the first voluntary admission, you have to go through the test of the retest. The retest is a very important part in the whole process of postgraduate entrance examination. For postgraduate entrance examination students, if they want to succeed in postgraduate entrance examination, they must pass the retest. Don't think it's all right to adjust successfully. The time between the release of the score line and the preliminary examination may only be a short week or two, which is far from enough to prepare for the retest. Therefore, the postgraduate entrance examination students should evaluate the score as soon as possible and prepare for the retest after the preliminary examination.

The above is the experience of several students. I hope you graduate students understand that fate is firmly in their own hands. In the adjustment of postgraduate entrance examination, you can do a lot. Don't hand over your future to the unknown.

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