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Take it all! 2018mba retest introduction

March 1, 2018 14:21      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Heaven will impose great responsibilities on such people. We must first suffer their muscles and bones and their mind. The pursuit of excellence, of course, has to pay hardships and experience difficulties. For the MBA and other postgraduate examinations for management majors, you have cut through the thorns and thorns to fight for the entrance of the re examination. Looking at the life of the graduate school, you can enter the palace of knowledge as long as you stroll through this pass. A broader platform is waiting for you. How can we pass the MBA re examination?!

Main contents and methods of MBA reexamination

MBA retest generally includes political theory test, foreign language oral and listening test, comprehensive quality and ability interview.

MBA reexamination generally has not participated in the early batch interview or the students with unsatisfactory results in the early batch interview should pay special attention. Some excellent students interviewed in advance only need to participate in the school's political examination (except Tongji, University of Finance and economics and Fudan, others in Shanghai basically need to participate in the political examination). There is no need to be too much pressure, but they should also be dealt with seriously.

(1) Political theory examination

The MBA reexamination political meeting adopts the form of closed book or open book, and the examination time is 2 hours. The question types include multiple-choice questions, short answer questions and comprehensive discussion questions. The general political theory test scores are not included in the total admission scores, but those who fail cannot be admitted. Must pass the sex test, important, but don't worry about high scores. (refer to the notice of each school for details)

(2) Foreign language oral and listening test

Candidates shall express or answer relevant questions in a foreign language according to the requirements of the judges, and the judges shall score their oral English and listening (20 points); The examination time for each candidate is about 5 minutes.

(3) Comprehensive quality and ability interview

The comprehensive quality and ability interview adopts the way of personal interview. The judges ask questions randomly and the candidates answer questions on site. Mainly examine instrument behavior (10 points), language expression (20 points), logical analysis (25 points), adaptability (25 points), etc; The interview time for each candidate is about 10 minutes.

Among them, the key is the comprehensive quality interview, because the first two are relatively objective tests, and the score is small, so it is difficult to open the gap. Therefore, the comprehensive quality interview is the real interview focus of each school. All colleges and universities should conduct interviews according to the regulations. However, due to the restrictions on the number of applicants and the different concepts of MBA training, the interview situation of each university is very different.

What are you going to do for the MBA retest

Knowledge reserve

Due to the great differences in the re examination methods and contents among the admitted colleges and universities, candidates should understand the basic re examination methods of their own colleges and universities through various information in advance (for example, you can refer to which re examination forms have been used in the re examination of these schools over the years) and make targeted preparations. It is suggested that candidates review relevant political theories and some basic knowledge of management in addition to oral English. If you can understand the basic knowledge of economics and marketing, the effect will be better. At the same time, pay attention to various hot topics in China's enterprise reform, and have their own clear views and views on these issues.

Dress and image

When examiners lack understanding of candidates, "first impression" often plays a vital role. Candidates should pay special attention to their speech and behavior in the face of the re examination, and strive to create a harmonious and good dialogue atmosphere. Try to shape the characteristics of managers in terms of dress and image. Clothing is simple, generous and rigorous. Boys should wear suits and ties. Girls had better wear professional skirts to highlight the characteristics of professional women, avoid thick clothes and make a good impression on the examiners. Professional image is also usually one of the reference standards for examiners to score.

Mentality adjustment

As each admission standard has a certain elimination rate in the re examination, it will bring certain psychological pressure to the candidates. Candidates should pay special attention to psychological adjustment before re examination. Before the exam, you should have a full rest on the spot to avoid excessive tension (of course, you can't relax too). Only with full confidence and energy can you give full play to your due level to the greatest extent.

How to introduce yourself in MBA reexamination

Self introduction requirements

Self introduction must be prepared and memorized first. But you can't be as rigid as reciting the answer. You can hear it as soon as you hear it. The interviewer is very disgusted with the candidates who answer this way.

Speak in the way of communication, communication and story telling.

Many teachers like to find a small point of interest from "self introduction" and break the casserole to the end, so they must be sincere, not too boastful, and try to be consistent with their resume;

Self introduction needs highlights. Try to explore some of your own advantages, for example, to let teachers understand what qualities they have that deserve teachers to choose you;

If there is no bright spot, mediocrity can be allowed, but we must not make mistakes;

In this process, focus on what research you have done, what experience you have, and other things that prove your ability can be briefly introduced.

How to answer questions in MBA reexamination interview

  logic in language

Language logic is very important in the interview process. A question should be answered in several points, which theory should be applied, from which angle, and what examples can be given, with clear organization and logic. Try to analyze it from a dialectical point of view.

  Specific problem direction

Understand and get the coping strategies early, and don't play blindly and confidently on the spot.

1. Why did you apply for this major in this school? What do you think?

Mainly from the school's teaching quality, historical inheritance and other aspects to express their yearning.

2. If you enter our school, what can you share with your school and classmates?

Combined with their own experience in the industry, it is even more important to provide enterprise visits, free product trials and internships.

3. Give a hot event related to your major this year and talk about your views.

The research direction of the tutor is to prepare the analysis outline of some hot issues of current affairs in advance, answer ideas with practice, and reference.

The tutor's research direction reflects his focus at this stage. His interests during the interview may also be related to his research direction. Read more authoritative journals in relevant professional fields and have a deep understanding of the academic views, papers and monographs of the candidates.

Pay attention to the research direction of relevant judges. After all, judges who are not your tutors may also ask some questions. If your point of view is consistent with that of your mentor or you can innovate on his basis, he will certainly leave a good impression on you.

4. What are the advantages of my future research?

We can demonstrate and respond from the upper perspective of logical methods and thinking habits, because although the subject content of any major is different, the logical methods of studying problems can be roughly shared and universal.

5. What are your plans after graduation?

This kind of questions aims to explore the purpose of students' postgraduate study. When answering these questions, it is better to be realistic, honest and magnanimous.

6. Read professional books, works and periodicals? What do you think? What impressed you most about the author, the dynasty or time when the book was written, the way the book was catalogued, and the main academic ideas of the book?

It is recommended to prepare one or two cases. Of course, the answer is the bibliography set by the school itself. Some school bibliographies are prepared by the school itself. Try to say that the school has prepared them. It's best to give a neutral answer without personal prejudice, or elaborate on a point in the book. We should also pay attention to the logic and depth of expression.

How to do MBA reexamination case analysis

Case analysis in MBA re examination is an important method and means of MBA teaching. The purpose is to improve students' theoretical connection, analysis, judgment and decision-making ability. Case analysis is also an important content of MBA admission and course examination. Cases are events that occur in the organization and have authenticity, directness and analyzability. Candidates should carefully read the cases after receiving them to find out their occurrence time, place Relevant characters and plot.

  Analyze the case from two aspects

1. Under the guidance of relevant management theories, make an objective evaluation of the cases in the case (success? Failure? Why?)

2. What lessons have you learned from relevant events? If you are the protagonist of the case, how can you do your work better more effectively.

Case analysis should avoid subjective randomness, grasp the key to analyze problems, rise to theoretical understanding, have distinct views and strong persuasion.

Generally speaking, for all successful (failed) cases, the reasons can be found from two aspects. One is the success (failure) of decision-making, which is the key to analyze the problem. The other is whether the management methods and means are properly used (such as whether the organizational structure is reasonable, whether the incentive and communication mechanism are properly used, whether the control is in place, etc.). If we grasp the above two points, the safety analysis will not lose its direction.

How to deal with group interview in MBA reexamination

What if there is a group interview in some colleges? Whether there is a group interview in the target university, please refer to the official re examination requirements of the University for details. The purpose of the group is to test the candidates' comprehensive analysis ability, interpersonal communication ability, organization and coordination ability and cooperation spirit. In terms of form, decision-making simulation questions, role-playing questions and debate questions can be adopted. The success of the collective interview depends on the following factors in addition to the candidates' rich economic management knowledge and experience:

First, the identification of the role of the candidates in the same group should have a clear division of labor, and any speeches should support and supplement each other to achieve a tacit understanding of cooperation.

The second is to answer questions closely around the theme and core ideas, strive to be clear, logical and innovative. The third is to emphasize the spirit of cooperation. Even if the views of the two groups of candidates in the debate questions are opposite, they should convince people as much as possible without refuting the other side to "pieces", because in management and business activities, too much edge may lead to their own isolation, It is also impossible to get the praise and recognition of the examiners.

Pay attention to the above points, make preparations early, adjust your attitude, and your retest will be successful!

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