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Six directions of MBA learning and its change trend in recent years

February 27, 2018 11:58      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

What are the main directions of MBA study? What is the change trend of MBA in recent years? Let's have a look.

  MBA learning direction:

(1) Enterprise management direction

In charge of entrepreneurship management, mergers and acquisitions, organizational behavior and international management

(2) Financial and accounting direction

In charge of financial statement analysis, audit theory and practice, microeconomic analysis and management accounting

(3) Marketing direction

Service marketing, market research and marketing planning, consumer behavior management, negotiation skills

(4) Financial management direction

Commercial bank management, merger and acquisition, financial engineering, securities investment

(5) E-commerce and logistics

International business, system analysis and design, enterprise resource planning, network marketing

(6) Human resource management direction

Employee performance management, salary design and management, personnel evaluation, labor law

  Outstanding changes of MBA in recent years:

1. Curriculum changes

The changes of MBA programs are now mainly divided into two-year full-time MBA programs, one-year full-time MBA programs, on-the-job MBA programs, EMBA programs for senior managers and United Nations degree or double degree programs. You can choose your own course arrangement according to your different situation, family conditions, company environment and vision.

2. Enrollment changes

In terms of enrollment, in the past, most of these master's programs directly enrolled students who have obtained an undergraduate degree (or the first degree) and have no work experience. Now they can not only recruit junior college graduates, but also on-the-job study. As long as they meet the requirements of three years of undergraduate graduation and five years of professional graduation, they can apply for MBA study.

Several misunderstandings need to be emphasized:

1. It is not that the more famous the school, the better the MBA.

Although a famous school has its famous school effect, we should consider it comprehensively according to our own needs and abilities. Moreover, MBAs from different schools have their own characteristics and advantages. It is necessary to determine the school, school environment, transportation, learning atmosphere, accommodation conditions and surrounding environment in combination with their own development and long-term planning. Don't blindly pursue famous schools, which will backfire in the end.

2. Outline adjustment

Since 2008, the mathematics syllabus of the national joint MBA examination has been adjusted. The content of the mathematics examination is primary mathematics, so that mathematics will no longer become a stumbling block for liberal arts students applying for MBA.

3. MBA and EMBA are different.

An MBA is a master of business administration, while an EMBA is a senior manager. Students who want to apply for an MBA or EMBA need to distinguish between the two.

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