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MBA adjustment: success or failure, the decision is in your hand!

February 2, 2018 15:22      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Here are two cases: one is the case of successful adjustment and the other is the case of failed adjustment. I hope you can dig out some useful experiences and lessons from it.

  ·Case 1

Xiao Cao: second year graduate student, Institute of industrial economics, Jinan University

First postgraduate entrance examination institution: Peking University

Xiao Cao studied in the school of philosophy of Renmin University of China. He was a science student in high school from Yiyang, Hunan. He was transferred to Renda College of philosophy during the college entrance examination. With strong mathematical ability, he not only played mathematical logic very smoothly, but also studied the second degree of mathematics in the Department of mathematics.

He applied for the world economics major in the school of economics of Peking University, with a preliminary score of 405, ranking very high. Due to the wide scope of the re examination of Peking University School of economics, Xiao Cao, who needs to study philosophy, mathematics and economics at the same time, has limited energy. In addition to reviewing the macro, micro and political economy that need to be investigated in the preliminary examination, he basically doesn't cover the courses such as money banking and industrial economics that need to be investigated in the re examination.

His exit was unexpected and reasonable. After being rejected by Peking University, Xiao Cao did not complain, but actively looked for adjustment information in various ways.

He successively applied to the Central University of Finance and economics, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Jinan University for the transfer of economic majors, and finally got the interview opportunity and successful offer from Jinan University. Although the college entrance examination and graduate examination have not gone out of the fate of adjustment, he has always been confident, he is still positive and optimistic, and is fully preparing to return to Beijing to study for a doctorate.

  ·Case 2

Xiao Xuan: a graduate student of the school of Journalism and communication of Hunan University. The first postgraduate entrance examination institution: Xiamen University.

Xiaoxuan is a typical girl in Western Hunan. She has a hot personality and is brave to do it. However, sometimes she is too simple and doesn't think about what she wants to do. When she took the postgraduate entrance examination for the first time, her initial test results were not ideal, and there was still a 5-point gap from the retest line of the school.

In the face of this achievement, depressed and disappointed, she didn't know where to go for a moment: the work was too boring, and the adjustment said it was chicken ribs. After half a month's hesitation, he began to look for adjustment information. Finally, he didn't wait for an interview. During the second postgraduate entrance examination, she chose to be cautious. After disappearing for about half a year, she finally got her wish and was admitted to the "Millennium University".


Choosing to present these two stories in this article is not to explain who is good and who is bad to all examinees. Because even some seemingly right or wrong choices are suitable for different people and different situations.

Xiao Cao's initial test results were excellent, and he was out of the second test. The high score of 400 gave him a large choice, and he also had the willingness to accept the transfer. Finally, after actively contacting, he went to a very excellent university; Xiaoxuan's initial test results were unsatisfactory and she didn't enter the retest. She could only choose class II colleges and universities in class A areas or colleges and universities in class B and C areas. She was not clear about whether to accept the transfer and hesitated. Finally, she didn't even get the interview opportunity for the transfer. Fortunately, her second graduate examination was very smooth and she could continue her further study in the end.

·From these two cases, please pay attention to the following points:

1. If you are willing to accept the transfer, you should be psychologically prepared after taking the postgraduate examination. After all, transfer is the second best choice after normal admission becomes impossible, so whether you are willing to accept transfer has become the key to the problem.

If you are willing to take the second place, you should prepare early and make a comprehensive adjustment plan for yourself, such as what major to choose, which region to go to, what type of school to go to, and what is the bottom line; If you are a perfectionist and have the idea that you would rather lack than abuse, then try your best to prepare for the retest. In case of a slip, you don't have to spend energy to go through the adjustment procedure.

2. If you are willing to accept the transfer, you should know more about the conditions and procedures before the results come out. Adjustment is more complex than the conditions and procedures of normal re examination admission. You may be busy reviewing before the preliminary examination and have no energy to understand the relevant information.

Then after the test, if you want to accept the transfer, you should start to consciously and systematically understand the relevant information of the transfer. You can go to the education channel of China graduate enrollment information network, the four portal websites, and the postgraduate entrance examination adjustment column of the postgraduate entrance examination channel of new to obtain people's experience, expert guidance and adjustment conditions of colleges and universities.

3. It's best to ask some specific details from people who have experience in adjustment. At present, there are a large number of relevant information about dispensing on the network, and it is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. In this case, if you intend to accept the transfer, you should find someone to ask for some specific details in various ways.

The experience experienced by the past people must be impressive, and it can also enable you to obtain some information that you can't find on other information platforms. Moreover, you can also ask the past people carefully about your doubts about adjustment one by one.

4. It is best to expand the scope of the target by fully casting a net. Graduate examination adjustment information is generally published on the official website of the research and enrollment unit or other public websites in March and April of that year. Generally, the information published is more authentic and reliable.

In addition, you can also inquire about the transfer information through the "network" of your classmates, friends, relatives and teachers, or directly call the school where you think you may need to transfer candidates to inquire about the specific situation. Moreover, we must fully cast the net at the beginning, and never be limited to a few or a school from the beginning.

Of course, you'd better choose some target colleges and universities according to your own conditions and wishes. For example, if you want to study in Shanghai, focus on the schools in Shanghai, and schools in other areas can generally be ignored.

5. Call for advice and keep in touch with the target school. Candidates spend more time through letters and e-mail, and the research and recruitment offices of major colleges and universities are usually busy at this time. The teachers of the research and recruitment office generally have no time to reply to you through letters and e-mail.

Some candidates will no longer contact the relevant schools after handing in the materials. Keep in mind that this time may be the key time for the school to determine the candidates for the retest. Therefore, you must not think that everything will be all right after handing in the materials. You'd better keep in touch with the school you transferred.

6. We should seize the time, actively prepare and review with emphasis. Since the difference retest is now implemented, a small number of candidates participating in the retest must not be admitted, so we should pay attention to the retest. Information collection is the most important in the preliminary preparation for the retest, such as the time, place and examiner of the retest; The content, scope and examination method of the re examination.

Generally speaking, the examinee's professional knowledge, scientific research potential and comprehensive quality are the focus of the re examination. Re examination is the best time for candidates to fully display their image and temperament. Therefore, candidates should pay attention to expression skills, be sincere and calm, and fully display their strength.

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