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Why can't you pass the MBA interview in advance

February 1, 2018 14:24      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

The MBA competition of top business schools is very fierce in advance. For example, the passing rate of face-to-face promotion of Tsinghua University and Peking University is about 10%. In the process of preparing yourself, if you are not prepared in detail, you are likely to lose the opportunity to obtain an offer

  One of the most common problems is lack of work experience

One of the conditions for MBA application is to have more than three years of management experience, which is also a very important consideration standard for MBA application. In this process, many places need to reflect your potential and leadership. If your work experience is not reflected in promotion, it may weaken your competitiveness.

  What we need to say here is to reflect our leadership

Students with insufficient work experience or management experience need to actively prove their leadership ability, which has become the main guarantee to stand out in the face-to-face process. However, in the "short" process of interview, letting the enrollment teacher see your leadership has become the focus of this link. However, it is almost unrealistic for admissions teachers to believe that a person who manages one or two people has strong leadership, but this does not prevent us from reflecting the quality of leadership in associations or other activities.

  Can't well answer "why choose our school"

This question is actually a "point sending question". Since we all know that this is a necessary question for every school, prior preparation is essential. If you think this question is too simple to think about, when you see this, please put down this article and answer "why choose our school?" I believe that many students are difficult to directly answer to their satisfaction, so before the interview, it is wise to think about why they chose that college, write it down, read it more, and even find professionals to polish it.

  Planning for career goals

For their own career goals and planning, it is also the "send points" series in the interview process. There is too much nonsense. For details, please refer to the previous question. However, the career planning after MBA written in the materials has nothing to do with the existing work experience and skills. The admissions teacher will feel that you may not be able to achieve your career goal after graduation.

  Details or details, including materials and interview process

As the saying goes, "those who are in the game will see clearly". No matter how many times you check your own materials, you will have no problem, but if you hand them to others, you will find this or that error. "Details" need to be polished with you. It is difficult for you to find such an error, Therefore, it is the right choice to let a third party watch the materials for you several times and communicate more.

  • Source: Sina blog of Beijing kaoshitong

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