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EMBA interview: three common interview strategies

January 25, 2018 11:27      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Now, the 2018 EMBA preliminary examination has come to an end, and some colleges and universities have also issued announcements such as examination results and adjustment, of which the more important one is the interview. Next, let's introduce some common EMBA interview strategies for candidates to help them successfully pass the interview.

Common EMBA interview strategies

  1、 Are the application materials complete

As a stepping stone to the interview, if the application materials are not complete, you may not even have the qualification for the interview, so you need to submit two resumes in the application materials, including one in Chinese and one in English, which must explain in detail your achievements as of the time of your application, as well as your position in the company, etc; In addition, you need a strong letter of recommendation, which will give you extra points for the interview!

  2、 Is it properly dressed

When you go to school for an interview, you must wear formal clothes to make the interviewer feel your sincerity and the details of your ordinary business etiquette. Many people are picked out by the teacher because of their dress problems.

  3、 EMBA interview skills

1. Prepare the written manuscript before the interview and make it clear

When candidates participate in the EMBA interview, they must speak out and leave a good impression on the examiner, which is very helpful for admission in the future.

2. Be realistic in self-statement

Candidates must be realistic in their self-statement, because many examiners will ask additional questions according to the questions reflected in the candidates' interview self-statement. At this time, if the candidates cannot justify themselves, it will be very unfavorable to the interview results.

3. Answering the examiner's questions should be combined with work practice

When answering the examiner's questions, you should combine your work practice and state how you deal with the problems in practice, which can better reflect your management background and potential.

  • Source: Sina blog of emba125

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