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The Business School of Central University of Finance and economics launched a series of elective courses on incense

November 27, 2017 11:14      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

On November 16, the Chinese traditional culture incense course was officially opened in the MBA education center of the Central University of Finance and economics. More than 20 MBA students from various departments participated in the elective course. This course is organized by Beijing Lianxi Chinese Academy of Arts. Beijing Taiyue Incense Culture Development Center provides the course system and the keynote speaker is Mr. Luo Zijie, an incense artist.

In order to promote the full implementation of the plan for the revitalization of Chinese traditional crafts, implement the requirements of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee on "building a system for the inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture, strengthening the protection of cultural heritage and Revitalizing Traditional Crafts" and "formulating and implementing the plan for the revitalization of Chinese traditional crafts", and promote the inheritance and revitalization of Chinese traditional crafts. While offering courses of "traditional flower arrangement" and "seal cutting", the Business School of the Central University of Finance and economics added a course of "traditional incense" this year, mainly focusing on the "traditional incense making skills" of the intangible cultural heritage protection project in the ethermoon incense system; Let students who like traditional incense culture have the opportunity to participate in the study and inheritance of Chinese Incense Culture.

  Millennium continuation and contemporary revitalization

Chinese Incense Culture started from the Liao sacrifice culture in the ancient sacrificial culture and gradually germinated before the pre Qin Dynasty. It began to extend from sacrificial incense to living incense. By the Han and Jin Dynasties, it had formed four major incense fields: sacrificial incense, religious incense, folk incense and living incense. Due to the emergence of the Silk Road, spices from countries in the western regions and South China Sea gradually poured into the Han region, enriching the use of spices; During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the incense culture entered a mature period, and the forms of lavender, incense, wine and tea became popular, which promoted the heyday of the incense culture in the song and Yuan Dynasties. After a major turning point in the incense culture of the Ming Dynasty, the incense culture of the Qing Dynasty developed again and has continued to this day. With the revival of traditional culture, traditional crafts have attracted much attention, and more and more people begin to participate in the learning and promotion of traditional culture. China's fragrant culture began to return to the traditional culture of incense in the modern age. The fragrance of life has been restored rapidly. Traditional aroma making techniques, as an important part of traditional arts, have been revival in the contemporary era.

  Context combing and systematic inheritance

As the national art study base of the Central University of Finance and economics, Beijing Lianxi China National Art College constantly combs the context and selects excellent inheritors of traditional crafts, so as to form a systematic education system. The "traditional incense" course is mainly based on the Taiyue incense system compiled by the "national incense teacher textbook of the Ministry of human resources and social security", which includes the traditional incense making for the protection of intangible cultural heritage, as well as the history of incense culture, incense culture, incense prescriptions, incense utensils, daily incense and so on. Through systematic teaching planning, various skills in traditional incense culture can be inherited in an orderly manner.

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