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Shanghai Foreign Studies University 2018mba early interview real problem analysis!

October 19, 2017 09:39      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Early interview is a common policy of business school enrollment in recent years, which is to advance the original post exam retest. There are many advantages to participating in the early interview, such as reducing the pressure of the initial examination and not having to participate in the re examination and re ranking... Therefore, children's shoes applying for the 2018 joint examination of management majors and masters must seize the opportunity of early interview.

Please note that candidates preparing for the 2018 Shanghai Foreign Studies University MBA must attend an interview in advance!

  Warm reminder

Shanghai Foreign Studies University management application process:

List of application materials for early interview:

be careful:

During the (pre) re examination, please bring the original ID card / Passport according to relevant requirements.

Please invite people who know and are familiar with you to write recommendation letters in order to provide more comprehensive information about your management potential, attitude and personality. Direct supervisors, former bosses, colleagues and customers are ideal candidates for writing recommendation letters.

The recommender shall submit the recommendation letter online as far as possible. If the paper recommendation letter is used, please be sure to download the recommendation letter form with the door from the (pre) retest system. The recommendation letter shall be sealed in the envelope and signed by the recommender at the seal of the envelope (the recommendation letter shall be sealed and only signed by the recommender). If the paper recommendation letter is used, please submit it on site on the day of the second (pre) retest.

University transcripts are necessary materials for preparation.

If the applicant's academic / degree certificate is in Chinese and English, they need to submit their Chinese and English translation when submitting the original certificate online. If the original university does not provide a formal Chinese and English translation copy, it can be notarized by a notary unit and submit the notarized copy online.

All information submitted by the applicant will be kept strictly confidential and only reviewed by relevant staff and interviewers. The application materials will not be returned. Please understand.

  MBA student sharing (summary of interview questions)

Interview process:

After arriving, sign in first. The students who apply for in-service English and full-time classes draw lots at the same time. The oral group is divided into groups according to the drawing number. Basically, there are 6 people in each group, such as group 1-6, group 2-7, and so on. After the last group is finished, the teacher will call the next group of students.

After drawing lots, signing in and submitting materials, they will officially enter the interview process.

There are four interview links in English on-the-job class and full-time class:

1. Closed book written test, case analysis for 2 hours. Our batch of tests are three cases with long materials. There are 3-4 open-ended questions behind each material, a total of 10 questions, which should be completed within 2 hours. Generally speaking, the problem is not difficult. It is mainly asked according to the background in the materials. There are also problems in the company management in the case. You can analyze them and provide improvement suggestions. The time is basically just enough. I keep writing for 2 hours. I suggest focusing on the key points when reading the materials, because the content is very long and many transitional words are directly ignored.

2. After the written test, students applying for on-the-job English and full-time English should take an English listening test. The test time is about 30 minutes, 25 multiple-choice questions, 4 points for each question, with a total listening score of 100. The listening materials may sound a little disturbing in order to imitate different scenes, but the teacher said it was to test the students' listening level in different contexts. Generally speaking, the questions in this part are not very difficult. It mainly requires you to concentrate on listening and listen to the key points of the answer in combination with the questions. Topics and themes are daily life, and do not involve professional and academic content.

3. The third link is English group meeting. According to the previous drawing of lots, go to the group meeting classroom on the 1st-6th. The interviewer is the president of a college at shangwai University. His English is excellent. The teacher introduced the purpose of the oral group and the interview rules in English, and made it clear that everyone should speak. At the same time, pay attention to the time when speaking, because too much will affect other students.

In the English group, our teachers take 10 topics and the group selects one topic for discussion. What our group drew was team work. Here are three small questions. We also conducted three rounds of discussion based on these three questions. Each student will express his own views during each discussion.

4. Finally, after the group meeting, go back to the classroom and make a group call. The interview time is 15-20 minutes. Two examiners are for one candidate. The combination of interviewers at home and abroad is that one is an enterprise executive and the other is a professor at home and abroad. Therefore, the focus of the questions of the two interviewers is also different.

  MBA students share (interview suggestions)

As for the English group, my personal suggestion is:

First, different from the Chinese group, you don't need to be the group leader. If the group members are more implicit, you can organize the order slightly, that's all.

Second, you don't need to refute other people's views. Don't dig a hole for yourself unless you have excellent language organization and logical performance to support your refutation.

Third, when others talk, it's best not to jump in and grab words at will. Respect the students in the same group. You should know that the interviewer in the group is a school teacher. The teacher's style is relatively modest. The focus of the investigation is completely different from that in the Chinese group. He needs to judge whether you read all English projects through everyone's simple answer within 20 minutes. Being too radical will only backfire. All you have to do is sort out your logical ideas, organize the language, try to pronounce the standard, and try to be perfect every time it's your turn to speak. After all, the investigation of English is the most important.

The questions are basically related to my work background and experience. The main questions I was asked are:

1. Talk about their three advantages in work. The interviewer made it clear to refine and summarize without spreading out too much.

2. Introduce your work experience.

3. From private enterprises to state-owned enterprises, let's talk about my understanding of private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, as well as the differences between companies with two different cultural systems.

4. My understanding of the industry development of the project, the judgment of the industry prospect, and the position of our company in the industry.

5. My company is a joint venture under the group or a pure state-owned background. How many people are subordinate to my management team.

6. I used to do senior management, but now I do project management. How do I view and deal with the transformation of management functions.

7. What I hope to get from my MBA study.

8. Which countries have you been to? Which one do you like best? Why? Analyze the difference between this country and China from a humanistic perspective.

Those who apply for Chinese programs only need to participate in two items: case analysis written test and Chinese face, and do not need to participate in listening test and English group face.

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