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Features of real questions for MBA interview in advance of Tsinghua University in 2018!

October 18, 2017 14:50      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a professional master's degree, which is different from ordinary master's students.

  1、 Interview response

There are five main feelings for MBA candidates interviewed in advance by Tsinghua University this year:

The direct is the pressure interview. The questions are particularly sharp. Their school is the pressure surface

Comments: Tsinghua's way of asking questions comes from the continuous confirmation of past facts (there is no real pressure and doubt. The candidates feel the pressure is mainly because the events they say are either processed, or they just participated in and didn't think deeply at that time). The investigation angle is not only to confirm the authenticity of the facts, but also to investigate the candidates' thinking in the process of dealing with the problems. Through continuous questioning, Find the thinking mode of candidates and judge their maturity;

They are all practical questions. I didn't even introduce myself

Comments: this year, in order to avoid candidates' preparation in advance and shorten the time of personal interview, some examination rooms adopt no self introduction interview, which has higher requirements for candidates. Teachers' questions are randomized. How to fully show their abilities and how not to be led away by teachers' questions all need skilled preparation in the early stage and combing by professionals, There are many changes in the interview in advance. The investigation directions of any university are the following aspects: Goal Orientation - Career Planning (career conversion smoothness), the application of innovative thinking in work, problems in management and management experience, logical thinking (random problem solving ability and thinking mode), communication ability (in-depth understanding of teachers' problems), etc.

All the questions I asked were about entrepreneurship and the direction of project management, which was the most complete stress interview I had ever seen

Comments: in preparing for the examination, entrepreneurial candidates should focus on the following aspects: business model, industry scale and future changes, comparison of competitors, whether the demand really exists, division of labor among partners, rationality of share distribution and future development planning. Teachers are investors and can be regarded as angel round financing negotiations (mainly depending on people rather than projects), Focus on the future scalability of the project and the role of individuals in the development of the project.

Be familiar with the hot spots in the industry. I've been asked a lot

Comments: industry issues are to examine everyone's thinking radius. Hot events in the industry need to be reserved online in advance. Many candidates have been in the industry for ten years, but their understanding of the industry is still shallow. This needs to attract the attention of all candidates. Candidates can perfectly match their current work, but it does not mean that they have the potential to become talents that MBA hopes to cultivate.

The teacher is very sharp. He will ask questions all the time according to your answer. He will pursue some details. He must justify himself

Comments: from the perspective of interview psychology, in the face of any examiner, what we do is not to explain the facts, but to make the examiner willing to believe that we can achieve something in the future. Therefore, it is suggested to set questions in advance in our resume and set questions for questioning points, so as to be questioned 2-3 times and answer them perfectly; Guide the interviewer to follow his "set".

  2、 Real questions in the interview

Basic problem class

Why apply for MBA?

Why choose Tsinghua MBA?

What are your personality traits?

What hobbies do you have? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

What school and major did you graduate from?

The most fulfilling and frustrating thing?

What do you expect from your MBA study?

What are your main responsibilities now? How many people do you care?

What is your educational experience, work experience and career planning?

Stress interview

Why is there no continuity in what you do?

Why did you change careers? Why not do it in the original industry? What do you think is good in the current industry? Is it actually in line with your expectations?

What do you do if you don't succeed in starting a business? Do you think you can succeed? Do all your entrepreneurial resources come from your network?

When I started a business with my partner, I was asked about the share ratio of the company, "why does he have 40% shares and you have 30%? Why not you and he have 30%?"?

Why do you want an MBA when you are so young? Why are you promoted so fast when you are so young?

How to achieve your goal and what conditions do you need most?

Do you have a good relationship with your customers for this project? Have you encountered any problems? How?

Future development of the company? What do you think of sharing bicycles?

You did this job to get your registered permanent residence. After getting your registered permanent residence, you left again. Do you think it's appropriate?

IT industry examinee: what are the advantages and disadvantages of Lei Jun and Ma Huateng? Which do you prefer?

  3、 Advance interview process

Candidates check in: show their ID card and receive Tsinghua MBA admitted in 2018 (interview process sheet); Those who fail to pay the interview fee shall pay the interview fee of 100 yuan per person (cash only);

Conduct qualification examination: conduct qualification examination according to the registration sequence number on the interview process sheet, and show the class a materials sorted out in advance; Original and copy of ID card. Original and photocopy of education and degree certificates, and original transcripts;

Draw lots in groups and submit interview materials: draw your own interview room number and personal interview sequence number; The selected interview room number and personal interview sequence number will be posted on the interview process sheet; Submission: B1 and C materials prepared in advance for interview;

Waiting in the check-in Classroom: if the interview time is more than 30 minutes after drawing lots, please wait in the check-in classroom (room 116, Shunde building), and do not stay in the corridor;

Waiting outside the interview room: I will wait outside the examination room 30 minutes in advance of the interview time. Prepare the ID card and the flow sheet with the interview room number and personal interview number. Do not talk in the corridor, so as not to affect the interview in the classroom;

Comprehensive quality interview: follow the instructions of the interview Secretary to enter the classroom for personal comprehensive quality interview;

End: you can leave school after completing the comprehensive quality interview; Check the interview results in the registration service system ten working days later.

  For more highlights, please pay attention to the wechat public platform of MBA think tank Business School: mbalib MBA.

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