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MBA interview: MBA interview resume should avoid these minefields

October 16, 2017 10:01      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

Many schools require candidates to provide a resume during the MBA interview. Even if some schools do not have this requirement, preparing a resume can enable you to increase your understanding of yourself, so as to more clearly show your resume and future career development plan, so as to make yourself more powerful when you return to the talent market again after the end of your study.

Resume should have the core skills of making resume for sex. The pertinence here refers to two meanings: on the one hand, the content of your resume must be aimed at yourself and write your own characteristics, specialties and special experience; On the other hand, your resume must be aimed at your future career choice. Don't be stereotyped. The recommended steps for writing a resume are as follows:

(1) Career choice set your target career range so that you can concentrate and give MBA interviewers a message that you have made full preparations for MBA.

(2) Self assessment organically combines your personality characteristics with past experience. It should be true and distinctive.

(3) Select the skills and experiences related to the target occupation.

(4) Write a resume and complete it with the most suitable resume form, the most appropriate style and the most appropriate vocabulary.

1. Principles of preparing resume

After the previous exercise, you should prepare enough materials for your resume. But it is obviously unrealistic to put them all on your resume. Decisions on what to retain and what to omit should be based on the following principles.

(1) It is the highest principle to retain the unique experience, and the latter principles should be subject to this principle.

(2) The personal experience selected by the recent principle should have occurred in recent years. As a candidate for an MBA interview, don't think about the story of high school.

(3) Relevant principles the selected personal experience should be as relevant as possible to the job. If the experience is unique, this principle can be violated.

(4) "Blank" principle: for the work and internship experience mentioned in your resume, you only need to outline and "carry" the most shining part out to the interviewer without too detailed. In fact, you leave enough room for the interviewer to ask questions. In the limited interview time, he will spend most of his time on your rich experience, which can be prepared in advance.

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