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What are the interviews with top MBA Business Schools in the United States

October 10, 2017 10:44      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

When it comes to the top MBA Business Schools in the United States, we first think of Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School, booth Business School of the University of Chicago... However, we all know that applying for an MBA requires an MBA interview in the United States. What about the interviews of these American schools? In order to better help applicants, we have specially prepared these contents. If you want to know the interview, let's have a look!

MBA interviews in the United States are usually aimed at candidates whose mother tongue is not English. Here are the interviews of some top MBA schools in the United States:

1. Harvard Business School

Provide hub, campus and telephone; The process of interview notice is rolling; About 20% - 25% of the applicants can receive the interview, and the probability of being accepted after the interview is 50%.

2. Wharton Business School

Provide hub, campus and alumni, but not telephone; The interview notice process is rolling, with a mid decision date in the middle. Students who fail to receive the interview will receive a rejection letter on the same day; About 30% - 40% of the applicants can receive the interview, and the probability of being accepted after the interview is 30%.

3. MIT Sloan School of management

Hub and campus are provided, mainly hub; The interview notice is distributed centrally on a certain day; About 20% - 30% of the applicants can receive the interview, and the probability of being accepted after the interview is 50%. In recent years, MIT has only about 8 places in the Chinese mainland hub, including foreign applicants in China.

4. Booth School of business, University of Chicago

Provide hub and alumni, mainly alumni interview; The process of interview notice is rolling; About 40% - 50% of the applicants can receive the interview, and the probability of being accepted after the interview is 20%.

Knowing the interview situation of these American study abroad schools is like passing the interview? Think too simple! The following are the interview notes shared with American MBA applicants. Please keep them!

1. Punctuality

Don't be late. This is the most basic manifestation of your respect for others. If you really can't arrive on time due to special conditions, you must call first to tell the reason, preferably a few minutes in advance. You should know that first impression is very important. Being late may lead to a bad first impression.

2. Dress

Man: it's appropriate. The best color is dark. Gray, green and dark blue are good choices. They give people the impression of stability, reliability, loyalty, simplicity and ability. Wear clothes made of natural fabrics. The luster and texture of man-made fabrics give people a sense of cheapness.

Women: the general principle of dress is clean and beautiful, steady and generous, coordinated and elegant. The dress color, style and size should be coordinated and consistent with their own age, temperament, skin color, posture, hairstyle and the proposed occupation.

3、eye contact

It may be related to traditional behavior habits. Compared with westerners, Chinese people may have less eye contact in conversation. Moreover, due to tension, some people's eyes become erratic, giving people the feeling that they are not confident enough, or making people feel that you are not engaged in the conversation, which will affect others' impression of you. At the same time, from the eye contact between the interviewer and you, you can actually see whether he is engaged in the conversation. If the interviewer frequently looks at his watch or starts to make some small moves, it is possible that the content you say has not aroused his resonance or interest. At this time, you may have to consider making adjustments. It can be seen that eye contact is a very important communication in the interview process.

4. Avoid small movements

Try to avoid small movements. The more feasible way is to put your hands on the table to take care of your hands. Many people will make small movements when they are nervous. This is not a big deal, but it may make others feel uncomfortable, thus affecting their impression on you.

Today's content focuses on the MBA interview of top universities in the United States and some matters needing attention in the MBA study abroad interview in the United States. I hope it can help you prepare for the interview!

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