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Real writing questions of 2017 MBA joint examination

December 26, 2016 14:59      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

The 2017 MBA joint examination has ended, and the editor will share the comprehensive real questions and answer analysis of the 2017 MBA joint examination for the first time.


  Demonstration effectiveness analysis

30 points for this sub topic

56. Analysis of argument validity: analyze the defects and loopholes in the following argument, select several key points, write an article of about 600 words, and analyze and comment on the validity of the argument. (the general points of validity analysis of argument are: whether the definition and use of concepts, especially core concepts, are accurate and consistent, whether there are various obvious logical errors, whether the argument is tenable and supports the conclusion, whether the conditions for the conclusion are sufficient, etc.)

If we sum up some propositions of Xunzi, Shang Yang and Han Fei in ancient times, we can draw the following set of theories:

Human nature is "good honor and evil disgrace, good profit and evil harm", so people will pursue reward and escape punishment. Therefore, a monarch with sufficient power can govern his subjects as long as he uses reward and punishment.

Since human nature is good for profit and evil, it is neither possible nor necessary to seek honest people who do not seek self-interest in the selection of officials, because there is no such person in the world. In fact, the key to building a clean and honest government is to effectively prevent officials from abusing their power for personal gain after they are appointed.

How to prevent officials from abusing power for personal gain! Monarchs usually rely on the method of setting up supervisors, which is actually unreasonable. Because the supervisor is also a person who likes to benefit and evil, relying on the supervisor to stop other officials from abusing power for personal gain is to let some people who abuse power for personal gain stop others from abusing power for personal gain. As a result, they can only seek common self-interest.

Since it is unreasonable to rely on the establishment of inspectors, what should we rely on? Reward and punishment can be used to urge subjects to supervise. Whoever exposes officials' abuse of power for personal gain will be rewarded. Whoever does not expose the official's abuse of power for personal gain will be punished, and the subjects will expose the official's abuse of power for personal gain out of the nature of good profit, evil and joy.

  essay writing

35 points for this sub topic

57. Argumentation: according to the following materials, write an argumentation of about 700 words with a self-designed title.

An enterprise has encountered such a problem: whether to use the limited funds to expand production or to develop new products.

Some people advocate investing in expanding production, because according to market research, the original products can sell well for three to five years, so they can make huge profits

Some people advocate investing in R & D of new products, because although there are great risks, there are several times or even dozens of times the profits of the former behind the risks.

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