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Summary of answers to real questions in 2017 MBA management joint examination

December 26, 2016 14:34      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

MBA joint examination subjects include English and comprehensive ability, with English 100 points and comprehensive 200 points (Mathematics 75 points, logic 60 points and writing 65 points), with a total score of 300 points. The editor has sorted out the summary of the answers to the real questions in the 2017mba management joint examination to provide candidates with the most authoritative answers and analysis of the real MBA questions for reference only.

Summary of answers to real questions in 2017 management joint examination
Examination subjectsSummary of true questions and answers in the joint examinationanalysis
Comprehensive management joint examinationReal math problems and answersMathematical analysis
Logic questions and answersLogical analysis
Writing questions and answersWriting analysis
Management EnglishEnglish true questions and answersEnglish analysis
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