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Overall analysis of 2017 postgraduate entrance examination English two true questions

December 26, 2016 10:04      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

The 2017 postgraduate entrance examination English test has been unveiled. I wish all candidates to obtain ideal scores. The reading of 2017 postgraduate entrance examination English I tested the following topics: running and fitness, brexit in the UK, the court system in the United States, etc. It's very routine. As long as you listen to our class carefully, you'll win. We all know the importance of reading comprehension in postgraduate entrance examination, but many students have been puzzled about how to review reading. I often hear some students say that they have done a lot of problems, but there is no great progress. What I want to say is that the number of questions can not be used as a standard to measure progress. We should really find an efficient strategy for review.

First of all, under the condition of reasonable time planning, it is recommended that candidates properly read journals and magazine articles related to the source of examination materials, such as Newsweek, the guardian, the economist, New York Times, etc. Read these articles on weekdays, pay attention to some common words and expressions, know them well, and those who are interested can also try to translate, which is a kind of exercise for themselves. Moreover, you can accumulate your own background knowledge. If you encounter similar topics in the exam, you will feel more cordial. However, we should emphasize that for the articles we read, try not to choose those articles with sensitive topics, such as religion and presidential election, because the possibility of topic is very small.

In the process of reading the original journal, we should consciously pay attention to long and difficult sentences. There are long difficult sentences every year. Everyone is afraid every year. In fact, English long and difficult sentences are not terrible. All we have to do is learn to analyze the main components of the sentence, that is, subject, predicate and object, and remove all other modifying components, such as constant complement, so that the core meaning of the sentence is clear. It should also be emphasized here that when remembering words, we should pay more attention to part of speech. What part of speech words do different components in sentences. If the part of speech is clear, the components will be clear.

In the process of real problem practice, we should first read the problem stem carefully. In the process of reading the problem stem, we should capture some key words and guess the general topic of the article at the same time. And we should analyze and examine the question type. We say that the main test types of reading are: main idea, inference, examples, word meaning, sentence meaning, emotion and attitude, and details. In this year's test questions, most of the question types have been tested. After accurately grasping the question stem, we need to go back to the original text to locate the answer according to the key information given by the question stem, and read the question according to the principle of the same order of the question text, so accurate positioning is very simple. Postgraduate entrance examination English reading does not require us to read through the article, as long as we locate the position of the answer and accurately understand the original information.

The above is the core strategy for getting high scores in postgraduate entrance examination English reading. I hope students will be diligent in thinking, use their brains and get high scores so easy!

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