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Real question Series 7 of MBA interview in advance in famous universities such as Peking University / Tsinghua University / National People's Congress

August 11, 2016 17:28      Think tank Business School      Reading volume:

  Interview questions: if the total score of the interview is 10, how would you rate yourself? At that time, Xiaobian heard the admitted Tsinghua classmate say that he scared ben to death, ha ha!

  Tips for Xiaobian: this question mainly tests the applicant's self-confidence and ability to withstand pressure.

  Answer tips: in the process of answering this interview question, Xiaobian believes that candidates should avoid two extreme situations.

First, because they overestimate their interview performance, the interviewer gets the negative impression that the examinee is unrealistic and overconfident;

Second, they underestimate their interview performance, admit that they have made many mistakes in the interview, and even admit that their characteristics do not meet the requirements of MBA enrollment institutions. The above-mentioned lack of self-confidence is obviously likely to lead to the overall failure of the interview.

  Interview guidance: when answering this interview question, interviewees should objectively evaluate their interview performance and give an objective evaluation of their abilities and potentials in combination with the needs of MBA enrollment institutions.

Xiaobian said seriously again: in the interview attitude, we should reflect the overall temperament of being neither humble nor arrogant, rather than being too confident or too low self-esteem.

  • Source: MBA from famous universities

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