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The International Association of elite business schools (AACSB) was founded in 1916 and began to issue certification in 1919. As a professional organization, AACSB evaluates and certifies bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in corporate management and accounting. AACSB certification represents the highest standard of business school achievement worldwide. Through strict and comprehensive peer review to obtain the quality of the certification organization and continuous improvement. AACSB certification is the standard of excellence in management education.

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Business school representative

Changjiang Business School

Cheung Kong business school is a non-profit educational institution funded by Li Ka Shing (Overseas) foundation and officially approved by the state. It has an independent legal personality. It is a member of the International Association for management education (AACSB) and the European Foundation for management development (EFMD). It is a "master of business Administration awarding unit" (including EMBA and MBA) approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, Its goal is to become one of the top ten business schools in the world within a decade.

Location:Beijing tuition:448000-588000
School of economics and management, Tsinghua University

The school of economics and management of Tsinghua University was established in 1984. The first president is Professor Zhu Rongji and the current president is Professor Qian Yingyi. Tsinghua School of economics and management is the first domestic university business school to obtain the top certification of AACSB and EQUIS global management education. At the end of 2012, Tsinghua School of economics and management took the lead in passing China's high-quality MBA education certification. As the first batch of MBA programs held in China, Tsinghua MBA program has been leading the development of domestic MBA for 22 years and is the most influential MBA program in China. The Secretariat of the national MBA Education Steering Committee is located in Tsinghua School of economics and management.
Training goal: future leaders with comprehensive management ability
Cultivation concept: rooted in China and facing the world

Location:Beijing tuition:198000-368000
Guanghua School of management, Peking University

Guanghua School of Management MBA program is committed to cultivating senior managers and future business leaders with a sense of social responsibility and global vision. With the help of Peking University's profound humanistic heritage, systematic and innovative curriculum and rich extracurricular activities, Guanghua MBA enables students to understand cutting-edge business knowledge, have cross-cultural sensitivity and interpersonal communication skills, and become innovative talents with the ability to analyze and solve problems in complex environments and dare to undertake future challenges.

Location:Beijing tuition:188000-398000
Business School of Renmin University of China

The Business School of Renmin University of China is an important base for Business Administration Education in China, known as the "cradle of China's business administration". In 1990, the Business School of Renmin University of China became the only institution in China to pilot an MBA program. So far, it has enrolled 22 sessions and trained more than 5200 MBA students. Over the past 20 years, the MBA program of business school has developed and innovated continuously, formed a perfect training system, trained many excellent economic and management talents for the country, and made groundbreaking contributions to China's business administration education.

Location:Beijing tuition:178000-368000
School of international business, University of international business and Economics

The University of international business and economics is one of the first universities in China to set up the major of business administration. It established the major of business administration as early as 1982. At the beginning of its establishment, it fully introduced the educational methods of American business administration and the teaching material system of Western disciplines such as enterprise management, marketing, financial management and accounting, and combined with the practice of Chinese enterprise management, It has created a distinctive education system that connects Chinese and foreign management theory and practice, and achieved excellent educational results.

Location:Beijing tuition:148000-268000
Dongling School of economics and management, Beijing University of science and technology

Beijing University of science and technology is one of the "211" key universities that first paid attention to and tried MBA education in China. As early as 1986, it cooperated with the University of McMaster in Canada to carry out the MBA graduate program. In 1997, it was approved as a pilot institution of MBA education by the degree Office of the State Council, and passed the MBA school running qualification assessment organized by the degree Office of the State Council in 2001.

Location:Beijing tuition:68000-128000
Business School of Nankai University

The college is an entity college with national key disciplines, national key research base and national social science innovation base. In 2005, the college was renamed the Business School of Nankai University. At present, there are 164 teaching staff in the hospital. There are 116 full-time teachers, including 38 professors (25 doctoral supervisors), 55 associate professors and 23 lecturers. The number of undergraduate and graduate students in the college has reached more than 4800. On the basis of more than 3 million books in Nankai University Library, the library reference center of the college has more than 150000 books in Chinese and foreign languages and more than 700 periodicals. There are 35 multimedia classrooms and 11 professional laboratories, covering an area of nearly 5000 square meters.

Location:Tianjin tuition:86000-168000
Department of management and economics, Tianjin University

Tianjin University is a national key university directly under the Ministry of education. Its predecessor, Beiyang University, was founded in 1895. It is the first modern university in China and one of the famous "old eight schools of architecture". The school motto of seeking truth from facts, the school spirit of "rigorous scholarship" and the tradition of "patriotic dedication" are well-known at home and abroad. In 1951, it was named Tianjin University after the adjustment of national colleges and departments. It is one of the first batch of 16 national key universities determined by the CPC Central Committee in 1959 and the first batch of key universities under the "211 Project" and "985 Project".

Location:Tianjin tuition:88000-148000
School of economics and management, Tianjin University of science and technology

The school of economics and management (formerly the Department of economics and foreign trade) was established in September 1991. The college has a doctoral degree program in the secondary discipline of technology and economy of light industry, two primary discipline master programs in business administration, management science and engineering, two professional master programs in Business Administration (MBA) and engineering management, and six secondary discipline master programs in enterprise management, technical economy and management, accounting, logistics management, international business management and intellectual property management. There are seven undergraduate majors, including international economy and trade, financial management, information management and information system, human resource management, public utilities management, financial engineering and Logistics Engineering (management direction). The financial management major is a brand major in Tianjin, and there is a "experimental class for outstanding talents in Business Administration".

Location:Tianjin tuition:40 thousand
China Europe International Business School

CEIBS is a non-profit Sino foreign cooperative higher management education institution jointly funded by the Shanghai municipal government and the European Commission on November 8, 1994 in accordance with the agreement signed between the Chinese government and the European Union. As a high school specializing in training international senior management talents, CEIBS has opened the full-time business English master's degree (MBA) course, the top management EMBA and Executive Education courses in Chinese mainland as early as in mainland China.

Location:Shanghai tuition:380000-438000
School of management, Fudan University

Fudan University, which has gone through a century, is the first university to establish the business administration education system in China. It established the business school as early as 1917 and officially established the business school in 1929. In 1952, the national colleges and departments were adjusted, and the education of business administration was interrupted. After the reform and opening up, Fudan University took the lead in restoring management education. It began to recruit students majoring in management in 1977, established the Department of Management Science in 1979, and resumed the establishment of the school of management in 1985. After more than 20 years of development and expansion, the college currently has 8 departments and 16 interdisciplinary research centers (institutes).

Location:Shanghai tuition:320000-420000
Antai School of economics and management, Shanghai Jiaotong University

The MBA education program of Antai School of economics and management of Shanghai Jiaotong University is a master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program recognized by the Ministry of education and the degree Office of the State Council, providing academic and degree education. Since the project was founded in 1994, it has recruited 20 students, with a total number of nearly 8000. In 2008 and 2011, the Antai University won three international top authority management education system certification, namely AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB, and the first Chinese mainland business school to get three international certification.

Location:Shanghai tuition:328000-458000
Business School of East China University of Technology

East China University of technology is a key university directly under the Ministry of education and a key school under the national "211 Project" and "985 innovation platform". Taking "cultivating talents and serving the society; paying attention to the process, being diligent and realistic; coordinated development and distinctive characteristics" as the guiding ideology of the school, the school has continuously deepened the reform of educational ideas, educational contents, educational methods and curriculum system, and the teaching quality ranks in the forefront of Colleges and universities in China and Shanghai. East China University of Science and Technology has a high reputation and influence: ranking in the world's 476th place in the 2016-2017 QS world university rankings, and twenty-first in Chinese mainland. In the 2016 top 75 list of the most innovative universities in Asia released by Reuters, it ranked 45th in Asia and 7th in mainland universities; In the "2016 Academic Ranking of soft science world universities"

Location:Shanghai tuition:288000-348000
MBA center, School of management, Xiamen University

The business administration discipline of Xiamen University has a long history. The business department was established at the beginning of the founding of Xiamen University in 1921. Since then, despite the major adjustment of colleges and departments in 1953, some important disciplines such as accounting have been retained and developed rapidly after the reform and opening up. Today's School of management has developed into one of the top ten most competitive business schools in China. The school of management of Xiamen University ranked third in the evaluation of the first-class discipline of business administration in 2003. In 2007, the business administration discipline of Xiamen University was rated as one of the first five "first-class disciplines and national key disciplines" by the Ministry of education.

Location:Fujian tuition:218000-248000
School of economics and management, Xinjiang University

In accordance with the national talent development requirements in the 21st century, combined with the reality of Xinjiang's economic development, and guided by the scientific outlook on development, the school of economics and management of Xinjiang University has continuously "optimized the structure, promoted cross cutting and key construction, improved the level and formed characteristics" in the construction of disciplines and majors, Implement the development plan of "focusing on building existing key disciplines and advantageous disciplines, updating traditional disciplines and developing emerging interdisciplinary disciplines". The MBA education center of Xinjiang University was established by the school of economics and management of Xinjiang University with the approval of the MBA Education Steering Committee. It is the only MBA program applied by the 211 Project School in Xinjiang.

Location:Xinjiang tuition:21000-27000
School of economics and management, Shandong University of science and technology

The school of economics and management was established in July 2000, which was formed by the merger of the Department of Business Administration of the former headquarters of Tai'an University and the Department of economics of Jinan campus. The college has more than 90 faculty members, including 9 doctoral supervisors, 21 professors and 28 associate professors; Nearly 40 teachers have obtained doctoral degrees, and full-time teachers have basically achieved master's degree. 15 part-time professors are employed from well-known institutions at home and abroad, such as Renmin University of China, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Sun Yat sen University, Central University of Taiwan, Hanyang University of Korea, Sapporo University of Japan and so on. There are more than 2500 undergraduates and more than 600 masters and doctoral students. Nearly 10000 economic management professionals have been trained and delivered to the society.

Location:Shandong tuition:50 thousand
School of business administration, Northeastern University

Founded in 1923, Northeastern University has a good academic atmosphere and patriotic tradition. It is one of the first batch of national key universities to enter the "211" and "985" first-class university construction projects. The MBA education center of the school of Business Administration of Northeastern University is a subordinate institution of the school of Business Administration, which is responsible for the school's MBA, master of engineering Discipline construction, educational administration, student affairs, enrollment promotion, employment guidance and system construction of professional degree education projects such as college teacher classes and enterprise short-term training.

Location:Liaoning tuition:86 thousand
Business School of Shandong University of Technology

Business school is the largest school in Shandong University of technology. It was founded in April 2011 and was merged from the former school of economics and the school of management. The MBA education center of Shandong University of technology was established in April 2011 and affiliated with the business school (department level system).

Location:Shandong tuition:60 thousand
MBA center of Nanjing Forestry University

The predecessor of the school of economics and management of Nanjing Forestry University can be traced back to the forestry economics teaching and research group established in March 1956, the Department of economics and management established in October 1985, and the school of economics and management was established with the approval of the Ministry of forestry in 1987. The college has a long history, profound cultural accumulation and obvious discipline advantages. The construction of disciplines such as agriculture and forestry economic management plays an important role in the country. After nearly 30 years of hard development, the college has become an important base for national scientific research and talent training integrating economics, management and law.

Location:Jiangsu tuition:90 thousand
Business School of Nanjing University

MBA education center of Business School of Nanjing University is a functional department specifically engaged in MBA education management under the direct leadership of MBA education leading group and business school. The routine work of MBA education center mainly includes teaching management (curriculum arrangement, thesis defense, etc.), enrollment promotion, career development, forum organization, practice base construction, teaching quality monitoring, website construction, MBA Association work guidance, alumni contact, etc. MBA Education Center also undertakes the specific work of MBA brand construction of Nanjing University. These works mainly include brand image construction, educational characteristics construction, publicity and promotion, public relations, peer liaison at home and abroad, liaison with the national MBA Education Steering Committee, etc.

Location:Jiangsu tuition:260000-325000
School of economics and management, Harbin Institute of Technology

In 1991, the school of management of Harbin Institute of technology became one of the first batch of nine institutions to pilot MBA in China. In the course of more than 20 years of development, it has strict management systems and operation methods in teaching plan, teacher arrangement, teaching content, teaching methods, teaching effect evaluation and supervision, and paper quality control, and has achieved remarkable results. In the evaluation of MBA pilot institutions in 2000, Harbin University of technology ranked 13th in total. Among them, the evaluation score of teaching effect is 90.90, ranking second in China. Since its establishment, the MBA program of Harbin Institute of technology has enrolled 3264 students and graduated 2479. Among the MBA alumni are Zou Lei, general manager of Harbin Electric Group, Deng Wei, chairman of Yiyang Group Co., Ltd.

Location:Heilongjiang tuition:118000-298000
School of management, Huazhong University of science and technology

Founded in 1979, the school of management of Huazhong University of science and technology has experienced the development process from the initial Department of engineering economics, Department of management engineering, School of economics and management, School of business administration to school of management. The college has a team of excellent teachers who are familiar with the world's advanced management concepts and the development experience of Chinese enterprises. The college has also maintained close cooperation with government departments, business circles and overseas well-known universities. A group of experts, scholars and industry elites with profound academic attainments and rich experience have been employed as part-time professors or industry mentors of the college. By the end of 2012, the college has hired more than 100 part-time professors.

Location:Hubei tuition:146000-168000
School of economics and management, Northeast Agricultural University

The school of economics and management originated from the agricultural economic management cadre class opened in 1958. The Department of Agricultural Economics and management was established in 1980. In 1995, it merged with the Department of agricultural economics of Heilongjiang Agricultural Management Cadre College to establish the school of economics and trade. In 2004, it was renamed the school of economics and management. The college has 110 faculty members; There are 76 full-time teachers, including 20 professors, 25 associate professors, 19 doctoral supervisors, 50 master supervisors and 51 with doctoral degrees. Teachers with doctoral degrees account for 67% of the total number of full-time teachers; The college has seven undergraduate majors: agricultural and forestry economic management, business administration, accounting, finance, insurance, international economy and trade and marketing, covering two university disciplines: management and economics.

Location:Heilongjiang tuition:36 thousand
School of business administration, Qinghai University for Nationalities

The school of Business Administration of Qinghai University for nationalities was integrated from the Department of Finance and accounting, the Department of tourism, and the majors of marketing and human resource management of the former school of economics and management in early November 2009. The college has master of Business Administration (MBA), business management, accounting and tourism management; It has five undergraduate majors, including business administration, accounting, financial management, tourism management and human resource management. Among them, the financial management major has the direction of tax planning.

Location:Qinghai tuition:24 thousand
School of management, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Xi'an Jiaotong University is one of the first nine institutions of MBA degree education recognized by the degree Office of the State Council. Since 1990, we began to recruit MBA postgraduates. So far, we have recruited and trained more than 4000 MBA students. The MBA degree education of Xi'an Jiaotong University is uniformly managed by the MBA center and develops in an all-round way with the support of management, economics and other disciplines. At present, the MBA program of Xi'an Jiaotong University is divided into management direction and financial direction, relying on the school of management and the school of economics and finance respectively.

Location:Shaanxi tuition:188 thousand
School of management, Sun Yat sen University

Founded in 1985, the school of management is one of the earliest schools in China specializing in business administration education and research. It is also a famous business school with national influence. Since its establishment, relying on CUHK's profound cultural tradition and academic heritage, and with the strong support of Hong Kong Ho's education foundation, Fok Ying Tung foundation, Peihua Education Foundation and other funds at home and abroad, CUHK has become an important base for cultivating high-quality professional managers and entrepreneurs in China. It has two first-class disciplines: Business Administration and management science and engineering, of which business administration is a first-class discipline and a national key discipline; There are 6 departments, 8 doctoral degree programs, 13 master's degree programs, 7 bachelor's degree programs, and 1 post doctoral mobile station in business administration.

Location:Guangdong tuition:70000-255000
Lingnan College of Sun Yat sen University

The business administration discipline of Sun Yat sen University has entered the list of world-class construction disciplines and won a + in the fourth round of national discipline evaluation. Lingnan College passed AMBA and EQUIS international certification in 2010 and AACSB International Certification in 2015. It has become one of the few business schools in China and even the world that have obtained the three major certifications at the same time, and ranks among the world's excellent business schools. In the 2018 Financial Times Asia Pacific Business School and MBA program ranking, Lingnan College of Sun Yat sen University ranked 25th and Mainland China ranked 7th; Meanwhile, Lingnan University's MBA program ranks 18th in the Asia Pacific region and 5th in mainland China. Lingnan College MBA program began in 1998. It is the most influential, valuable and popular M

Location:Guangdong tuition:70000-276000
School of business administration, South China University of Technology

South China University of technology is a national key research university directly under the Ministry of education. It is also a key construction University of the national "985 Project" and "211 Project". Chinese workers have always adhered to the school motto of "erudition, careful thinking, discernment and practice", and formed the values of "unity, diligence, truth-seeking and innovation". Since the establishment of the school, a large number of graduates have become the backbone of science and technology, famous entrepreneurs and leading cadres in China. The school is known as "the cradle of engineers" and "the cradle of entrepreneurs in South China". South China University of technology has established the MBA program since 1993. It is the first institution to set up the MBA program in South China. It is also the first batch of universities approved to recruit EMBA in China. In 2012, it passed the international AMBA certification, realizing a big step in internationalization.

Location:Guangdong tuition:70000-268000
School of economics and management, Guangxi Normal University

The school of economics and management of Guangxi Normal University is the only school institution specialized in teaching and scientific research of economics and management after the integration of educational resources in December 2005. Professor Luo Zhisong, a famous economist and expert enjoying special government subsidies issued by the State Council, served as the president of the founding Institute of the college. The school of economics and management consists of the Department of economics and the Department of business administration. The college has scientific research and social service institutions such as Economic Research Institute, urban-rural integrated development research center, management science research center, ecological economy research center, Guangxi Taiwan Economic Cooperation Research Center, financial securities research center, WTO Research Center, enterprise diagnosis and consultation center, private economy promotion center and southwest urban and regional development research center focused by the Department of education.

Location:Guangxi tuition:60000-76000
Peking University HSBC Business School

Founded in 2004, HSBC Business School of Peking University (formerly Shenzhen Business School of Peking University) is a college integrating teaching, research and social services. Professor Haiwen, vice president of Peking University, serves as the founding president of the college. On August 30, 2008, HSBC donated 150 million yuan to support Peking University in building a world-class business school. "Peking University Shenzhen business school" was officially named "Peking University HSBC Business School". The unveiling ceremony was held on October 22 of the same year.

Location:Guangdong tuition:188000-398000
Wudaokou School of finance, Tsinghua University

The predecessor of PBC School of finance, Tsinghua University is the Graduate Department of the people's Bank of China. On March 14, 2012, the Ministry of Education approved Tsinghua University's request for instructions on accepting the Graduate Department of the people's Bank of China to establish Wudaokou School of finance of Tsinghua University, and agreed to merge the Graduate Department of the people's Bank of China into Tsinghua University. On March 29, 2012, the inaugural meeting of Wudaokou School of finance of Tsinghua University was grandly held. ​

Location:Beijing tuition:600 thousand
NUS Business School

The Business School of the National University of Singapore (hereinafter referred to as the Business School of the National University of Singapore) is a global business school based in Asia. It has six departments, including accounting, decision science, finance, organization and management, marketing and strategic administration, and five research centers with practical teaching ability. The Business School of the National University of Singapore focuses on Asia, looks at the world, integrates the best business practices in the world and the best expertise in Asia - aims to cultivate business leaders who "contribute to the rise of Asia and lead the Asian century", so that students and business partners can cultivate keen Asian insight while absorbing the most advanced knowledge of globalization, so as to develop business in Asia and even the world.

NTU business school is not only certified by the American Federation for International Management Education (AACSB). Because of its excellent teaching and research, it has become a world leader in many fields

Location:Singapore tuition:300000-310000

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