How to get points

getMBA think tank document points arethreeSpecies:

      1. Share documents on MBA think tanks;Each useruploadA document may be rewarded with points after successful processing(1-5 points will be awarded randomly every day). In addition, 100% of the points paid by other users to download the document will be credited to your account.  

      2. Recharge and exchange on MBA think tank documents;After the user logs in, go toaccountRechargeExchange points in, orJoin VIPEnjoy download privileges.


      3. Obtain reward points through promotion;After successful login, in the upper right corner of the page"My document - my promotion reward - activate the promotion account immediately", successfully "copy" the exclusive promotion link and "share" it to the social platform. As long as you enter the user of point redemption through this link, you can get the corresponding reward. Users can redeem points within one month. (self promotion is considered cheating)

Please refer to the specific points change rules of MBA think tank documents:Document integral change rule

Join for freeMBA think tank document member exchange group:(full) group 1: 517935048MBA think tank documentation exchange group(full)Group 2: 282732207MBA think tank document member 2 group (full)threegroup:610723881MBA think tank document member 3 groupGroup 4: 6092794754 groups of MBA think tank members

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