Paid points, but failed to download. What should I do?

Documents are divided intoPoints DownloadandNon integral (single article payment)Download two

1、 The process of downloading the points document is to pay points first and then perform the download

If the download is unsuccessful, you can download it again. If you download the downloaded document again, points will not be deducted repeatedly. The document download is unsuccessful or the download cannot be opened. The possible reasons are as follows:

onePrompt that the document is downloaded successfully and the file is not found;

First, check the download history and confirm the contents of the download list. If the downloaded content is not found, please change your browser, log in to the website and download again.

twoIncomplete download caused by network error;

If the file attachment is large and the network speed is slow, resulting in the error of long download delay, you can choose to avoid the peak download period (9:30-11:00, 15:00-16:00).

threeWhen downloading, you will be prompted with "you download too frequently, please download later";

In order to prevent malicious frequent downloads, the website restricts multiple downloads in a short time. If you fail to download successfully due to multiple retries, you can directly contact our customer service personnel to assist you.

fourClick the "Download document" button, and there is no response;

If there is no response to clicking the download button, try to close the window and click the download button again, or change the browser and log in and download again.

fiveUse "Xunlei" and "electric donkey" can not be downloaded;

Please close the auxiliary download tools of "Xunlei" and "electric donkey" and use the automatic tools of the computer system to download.

2、 Non integral (single payment) downloaded documents

For such documents, the fees required for the document are displayed on the download information page. You can download them by paying the corresponding fees without recharging points.

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